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They say that everyone has a story to tell. They also say that you can write your own story or someone can write it for you. As for Archie Heinl, president and CEO of Double A Solutions, he’s writing his own.

In 2014, Archie released Janitorial Manager. Janitorial Manager (JM) is a work management software solution that’s revolutionizing the commercial cleaning industry. From solutions such as inspections, work orders, inventory management, and more, JM helps building service contractors and in -house providers take the stress out of managing their operations. Prior to releasing JM, Archie entered the SaaS space in 2009 with the launch of Blitz Sales Software. Today, JM is one of 5 companies under the Double A Solutions umbrella.

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Over a decade ago, Archie attended a commercial cleaning trade show to promote Blitz. This is where he was first exposed to the industry and the challenges that commercial cleaning professionals faced.  After speaking with several professionals at the event the opportunity to provide a commercial cleaning software was as clear then as it is today. Archie got to work and soon enough, JM was born.

Throughout that time, JM has been enhanced with new features that help commercial cleaning organizations streamline their cleaning operation. Many of these enhancements came directly from customer feedback. That’s why when they say that JM was built by janitors for janitors, they mean it. In 2018, a big step forward for the industry and the software occurred. This was the year the mobile app, JM Connect was launched. JM connect provides an easy way for cleaners and managers to access their cleaning checklists, send direct messages, view daily schedules, and more. These solutions continue to help resolve challenges related to commercial cleaning such as communication, equipment tracking, client turnover (A challenge BSCs often face), and employee turnover (just to name a few).

As JM continues to progress so is the industry. Get ready…


Follow the links below to listen and learn about the Janitorial Manager Story. Then, click here and see how JM can help your cleaning organization achieve the next level of success!

About Our Guest(s):

Archie Heinl

Archie Heinl

President of Janitorial Manager

Archie Heinl is the President of Janitorial Manager and has been working in the software-as-a-service space for many years. Through long years of dedication and a willingness to work with customers to find a solution, he’s developed a great reputation as a reliable and compassionate leader. 

Janitorial Manager is a robust software solution built specifically for the cleaning industry to help streamline and more efficiently manage operations. It’s also customizable to your needs and you only pay for what you need. You will then work closely with our account managers and customer success teams to get the system up and running smoothly throughout your business.

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