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In the world of business, loyalty is a vital attribute, and Scott Prather learned its importance at an early age while assisting his family’s cleaning business. Recognizing that a long-lasting career in the cleaning industry would come through manufacturing and sales, Scott’s adaptability became a driving force behind his success over the years. Three decades ago, business transactions took place in the family home, where clients were treated to home-cooked meals, fostering relationships sealed with firm handshakes. Today, Scott travels across the United States, personally connecting with customers and potential clients, ensuring Betco‘s strong presence. Established in Toledo, Ohio, in 1950 by Carl and Ann Betz, Betco has experienced tremendous growth.

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They now offer a wide range of chemical and equipment solutions, comprehensive market programs, and training resources for commercial cleaning employees and sales professionals. 


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In today’s commercial cleaning industry, sustainability is a focal point for companies. Betco has recently launched a groundbreaking product called EnviroZyme Probiotic Solutions, an environmentally friendly probiotic solution. This remarkable product line demonstrates a longevity of 21 days after its initial application to a surface. Utilizing probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that promote digestion and immunity, EnviroZyme Probiotic Solutions effectively prevent the buildup of fat, oil, and grease in plumbing, septic, and sewer systems. Betco‘s chemists meticulously researched and developed EnviroZyme Probiotic Solutions at their state-of-the-art laboratory in Bowling Green, Ohio, making Betco the sole chemical manufacturer in the world to ferment their own probiotics for targeted cleaning products. 

About Our Guest(s):

Scott Prather

Scott Prather

Senior Regional Manager for Betco Corporation

Scott Prather was born and raised in Owensboro, Kentucky, a city renowned for fostering NASCAR talent. In fact, he coached NASCAR winner Jeremy Mayfield in youth football. Scott attributes his remarkable 33-year tenure with Betco to the family-like atmosphere within the company, which has been instrumental in his professional journey. 

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