Scheduling Software for Commercial Cleaning Operations

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Improve Your Commercial Cleaning Business & Facility Operations with Better Scheduling

Having janitorial service scheduling software is critical when creating and scheduling shifts for your cleaning staff. With our scheduling solution, your cleaning operation can operate seamlessly while delivering the high-quality cleaning results you expect. Manage employee schedules with our user-friendly janitorial scheduling software so you know who is working where. Benefits include: time savings through automation, consistent and fair schedules, documentation, the ability to claim open shifts, and much more.

Janitorial Scheduling Solutions that Work for You

Interactive Dashboards

No more second-guessing who is working when and where. Our janitorial scheduling software comes with a dashboard that lets you see the schedule of each employee (by job class) for the day, week, and monthly basis.

Mobile Friendly

Employees can conveniently view their schedules inside our janitorial software while using the JM Connect mobile app. They’re also reminded of upcoming shifts and changes to their schedule thanks to instant notifications.

Add Breaks

JM’s scheduling offers custom solutions for scheduling breaks so that time punches and payroll is always accurate. They can be made manually or automatically and separated into paid and unpaid categories.

Recurring Schedules

Save time and automate scheduling on a weekly and monthly basis, eliminating the need to constantly revisit scheduling. Just set it and forget it so you can focus on other activities.

Open Schedules

Make it easy for employees to earn extra money by claiming open shifts. Open schedules allow management to post open shifts so that employees can claim them from directly inside the JM Connect mobile app.

Team Schedules

Eliminate the need for employees to manually clock themselves in. Instead, clock in a group of employees scheduled for the same location all at once. On-site managers can quickly clock everyone in so that shifts can begin on time.

Flexible Billing & Payroll Accuracy

Scheduling software for commercial cleaning businesses is critical to staying organized. our janitorial service scheduling software lets you customize how clients are billed (flat rate or hourly) for easy payroll processing.


If an employee clocks in early or out late for their scheduled shift, managers can be instantly notified. This time tracking automation feature allows you to take action on neglected shifts find coverage before it’s too late.

What Our Clients Say!

"I have tried many products on the market but JM provided the best solutions to run my entire business and the cost is extremely reasonable. I have built my company to run with no managers and only employ about 39 employees. One of my pain points is communication. JM helps me solve that issue with the Messenger app. I can keep tabs on employees and clients using this app. From inspections, to work orders, to inventory tracking, Janitorial Manager is a major key to the crazy growth I saw this year!"

- Kevin Scott | Office Pride of Rancho Cucamonga-San Bernardino

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