Janitorial Equipment Management Software

Document, track, and increase the lifespan of your assets.

Flexible Equipment Management Software

Inventory Equipment tracking can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Building Service Contractors and Facilities Managers use equipment tracking software to take the hassle away. 

Equipment Management Software

Key Features Of Our Equipment Management Software

Cost Estimating

Usage Tracking

Location Tracking

Submit Maintenance Requests


Document Storage

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Benefits Of Using Equipment Tracking Software

Actual vs Estimated Repair Costs

Repairs are expensive and it can be difficult to know when to retire your equipment. Review the actual vs estimated labor repair costs for better budgeting and decision-making. JM’s asset management solution gives you the data precision you need.

Increase Equipment Lifespan

No one enjoys sudden equipment breakdowns. Fortunately, there’s a solution with equipment tracking software. Know how often your equipment is being maintained to prolong the life of your equipment and schedule service too.

Prevent Misuse & Theft

Unsure where your equipment is located or if it’s being used properly? Our asset management solution gives you peace of mind knowing where your equipment is located when you need it. Equipment management is now easier than ever.

Monitor Maintenance Requests

JM’s asset maintenance management software makes it easy to monitor the status of maintenance requests from start to finish. Submit requests by scanning a QR code from the JM Connect mobile app and track repair costs for better decision-making.


Document Warranties & More

Manual documentation of equipment information can get lost or be difficult to find when you need it most. Not anymore. When you use equipment tracking software, you can access a digital copy of warranties, purchase details, and pictures.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do equipment tracking solutions like JM’s track where equipment is located?

Yes! The current location of equipment can be accessed whenever and wherever using the JM Connect mobile app.

How does asset management software track where equipment is being relocated?

When equipment is moved, the current location of the equipment can be documented using the JM Connect app on your mobile device.

Does asset tracking also track equipment usage?

Yes! By tracking usage, you can make critical purchase decisions and add a level of accountability to your cleaning crew.

Can equipment tracking software also be used for tool tracking?

Absolutely! You can use this solution for tracking all of your equipment and tools such as floor scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, and more

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