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Top Features of our Employee Messaging Solution:

One-to-One Employee Messaging

JM’s one-to-one communication platform provides a quick way for employees to message each other on a one-to-one basis. That means employees have an alternative to using group chats which create additional noise within your team. Also, unlike SMS or third-party messaging apps, which lack historical documentation, JM’s employee messaging software has you covered.

Location Messaging

The management of internal communications between each location can be difficult. But JM’s employee messaging software keeps all employee messaging organized by location. Share location-relevant messages, pictures, and videos in an instant so everyone is in the loop, reducing miscommunication. Add new staff into location messages too, so they can see any historical messages as it relates to that location.

Public Scan QR Codes

With public scan QR codes, you can bridge the communication gap between your cleaning operation, clients, and the general public. Using this communication tool, the general public or clients can scan a QR Code to easily submit feedback, report issues, and request services, fostering employee engagement and quick resolution to concerns. Cleaners can also be recognized by the public for their quality work. When a QR code is scanned, the public can leave positive feedback on the cleanliness of an area.

Improve Employee Engagement with Employee Messaging Software

With our communication tool, you can stay connected with your team, facilitating open dialogue, collaboration, and feedback exchange. Janitorial Manager’s intuitive platform empowers employee communication in real-time, fostering a sense of belonging and enhancing teamwork across all levels of your organization. With features designed to streamline communication, share updates, and celebrate achievements, our employee messaging software is the key to cultivating an engaged workforce.

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