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 Key Features of the Employee Portal

Incident Logging

Our employee portal software allows you to log both positive and negative incidents, such as failed inspections or tardiness, empowering you to manage performance quality with ease.

Performance Reviews

JM’s employee portal software provides a platform dedicated to creating and storing employee performance reviews. Consistent and fair reviews, further streamlines internal communication within your cleaning organization.

Employee Anniversary & Birthday Tracking

Our commercial cleaning employee portal includes a feature for tracking important dates, such as employee anniversaries and birthdays.

Top Reasons to Use an Employee Portal for Your Commercial Cleaning Operation


Track Employee Performance

  • Monitor attendance, incidents, and performance reviews from the palm of your hand 
  • Performance reviews can be conducted easily with constructive feedback sessions for employee development 
  • Recognize outstanding contributions through awards and acknowledgments to boost morale and retention

 Store Employee Documents

  • Keep all essential employee documents secure and access vital information in one centralized location, further streamlining your HR operations
  • Digitize and store documents to simplify record-keeping, stay organized, and eliminate pen and paper uses
  • Keep all documents secure with access controls and permissions to safeguard sensitive information and maintain confidentiality 


  • By celebrating milestones like birthdays or work anniversaries you can allow a positive work environment to form, and boost employee more & retention
  • Highlight employee dedication with certifications or achievements 
  • With a sense of belonging within the team, you can promote a culture of appreciation to motivate and empower employees

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