Checklists for Commercial Cleaning and Other Instructional Media

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How Does a Commercial Cleaning Team Know What to Clean?

Give your commercial cleaning team the tools to succeed. With detailed cleaning instructions and protocols, our customizable checklists equip your cleaners with step-by-step instructions for each area, ensuring nothing is overlooked. With intuitive commercial cleaning checklists accessible through our JM Connect Mobile app or by scanning designated QR Codes, your employees will know exactly what they need to clean and how.

Improve Cleaning Crew Effectiveness with Checklists

Poor cleaning results fall back on your cleaning operation and most importantly, you. And if you have a commercial cleaning service, your clients will soon be looking for another cleaning service provider. However, you can prevent this and improve your overall cleaning crew effectiveness with commercial cleaning checklists that are equipped with instructional media. Here’s How:


Step-By-Step Instructions

Cleaning checklists can be customized based on a specific area such as restroom or office conference room. With Scan4Clean, cleaners can scan a QR code and the checklist will appear from directly inside the JM Connect mobile app.



The best way to streamline you cleaning operation procedures is through documentation. JM’s cleaning checklist are stored safe and secure and can be accessed from any android or iOS smartphone.


Ensure your cleaners properly followed each cleaning checklist when you complete your inspections with our Scan2Inspect feature. Simply scan the QR code, measure cleanliness, and move on to the next area!


You can also access a complete list of checklist reports. These will show by when, where, and who completed each checklist as well as providing you labor insight with the cleaning duration.

Instruct your Commercial Cleaning Crew with Ease

Give your employees access to a comprehensive library of pictures and videos within JM Connect, providing step-by-step demonstrations of various cleaning tasks. With instructional media seamlessly integrated into your cleaning procedures via the app, training, accountability, and client satisfaction become the norm, ensuring your commercial cleaning crew operates at its peak. Here’s why cleaning companies and facility operations use instructional media:


Employees have instant access to visual aids, making sure everyone knows exactly how to perform each cleaning task. Common use cases for instruction media include how to properly disinfect, floor waxing, and more.

Employee Accountability.

By incorporating instructional media, your cleaners are held to standards and accountability for meeting job standards. When those standards are met, you can recognize and reward them for their quality work.

Client Satisfaction/Retention.

With access to instructional media, your cleaners are equipped to meet standards, enhancing client satisfaction and retention rates by minimizing mistakes. During client prospecting, the availability of instructional media serves as a compelling selling point for clients! 

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