Commercial Cleaning Calculator

Janitorial Manager’s commercial cleaning calculators are designed for building service contractors and facility operations. Our janitorial bidding calculator is pre-built with the ISSA 612 Times and Tasks standards, so you know your bids are backed by industry standards. Our Workloading Calculator is backed by APPA as well as ISSA standards and will tell you the labor, supplies, and costs that are needed to clean a facility. These calculators are trusted be cleaning professionals each day to accurately calculate their costs.

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How Do You Calculate Commercial Cleaning Costs?

Calculating your commercial cleaning costs can be a challenge especially since you want to ensure profitability and/or meet budgetary goals. With our commercial cleaning calculators, you don’t have to worry. Keep reading and then be sure to get a demo and learn how it can work for you.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Whether it’s office cleaning, floor cleaning, medical cleaning, and more, Janitorial Manager’s commercial cleaning calculators are the tools trusted by professionals. Bid accurately to justify the costs of your cleaning services with one of the following cleaning calculators:

Quick Bidding Calculator

Generate quick bids right from the JM Connect mobile app and send your prospects a proposal before you leave the job site! That’s the power of JM’s Quick Bidding Calculator. Our bidding software produces a suggested bid amount as well as the gross dollar amount and margin percentage so you can measure your estimated profitability before you bid.

Detailed Bidding Calculator

There are many resources for cleaning companies, but this cleaning calculator is unique. Janitorial Manager’s Detailed Bidding Calculator drills down to the details. Know the actual labor and supply costs that are associated with each location. Our Detailed Bidding Calculator also lets you generate comparison scenarios. For example, view the costs of four employees vs three.

Workloading Calculator

Stop worrying about whether will meet your organization’s budgetary goals. Our Workloading Calculator, (backed by ISSA and APPA standards) calculates the actual labor and supply costs per location. If you need to justify your need for additional resources, Workloading helps you prove it.

Calculate Monthly Commercial Cleaning Costs

When you’re completing your bid, Janitorial Manager makes it easy to break down your cleaning costs into a monthly view so that you can deliver an accurate bid. The same goes for our Workloading calculator so you can make sure you are on track to meet budgetary goals or justify your case for additional resources. Here are the three primary costs broken down in our calculators:




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