Find out how to improve customer happiness and your profits with a janitorial tracking system.

Would you like happier customers? Does the idea of increased profits sound appealing? You can turn both of these into reality when you implement a janitorial tracking system for each of your clients. 

A janitorial tracking system is a vital part of your overall business strategy. It’s how you track your inventory, schedule your team, plan equipment maintenance, and ensure your business is on track. 

That’s all important. And if you want to take things to the next level, you can get granular by establishing this same janitorial tracking system for every client. 

You might wonder why you need to break up a tracking system into additional components if you already have one in place. 

From bidding to maintenance to employee schedules, Janitorial Manager can help your organize function more professionally. Schedule a free call with Janitorial Manager and make your work easier and more profitable.

Janitorial Tracking System

5 Reasons each of your clients needs a janitorial tracking system 

It’s a fair question. If you already track inventory, payroll, contracts, and so on for your entire organization, why do it for each individual client? And how would that lead to happier clients and higher profits? 

1. Better inventory control. While inventory tracking for your entire organization is essential, it’s still helpful to understand where that inventory is. For instance, if all of your floor cleaner is on location and allocated for Client A, you may still need floor cleaner for Client B. Of course, you might wonder why you wouldn’t just transfer some of that floor cleaner. You could. However, if you want to track the profits and losses for each client, things start getting messy when you move products around. 

2. Better cost control. No matter how diligent we are, when we start moving products from one client to the next, it’s easy to lose track of what went where. That means we could incorrectly attribute profits or losses. Then it becomes more difficult to determine which jobs are more lucrative. When you have client and site-specific product and supply tracking, your financial ledgers will make more sense and be easier to understand. 

3. Better planning. Looking above at the cost control issue, it’s easy to see how a client-specific janitorial tracking system can help you plan better. If you know, for example, that contracts with medical facilities are your most lucrative, you can work to sign more of those. At the same time, you can also try to limit the less lucrative contracts. Planning with a solid set of data helps you determine how to balance your current capabilities with the future goals of your business. 

4. Better scheduling. Scheduling can feel like an unsolvable puzzle at times. Especially when you have multiple teams working at multiple locations, organizing your team schedules becomes a matter of efficiency and effectiveness. You want the right people, and the right number of people, on location to get the job done correctly. A janitorial tracking system gives you the insight you need for this. Do you need more highly-trained people at a specific location? Can you stand to resign someone to make better use of payroll hours? Is there an advantage to having better equipment or more product at a particular location? The answers to these questions can give you the information you need to schedule your people, products, and equipment in the most effective way. 

5. Improved billing. Here’s where a robust janitorial tracking system really shows its power. No matter how well you estimate the cost of a job, you’re bound to find that the reality is a little different. Using tools like Scan4Clean, inspections tracking, and timekeeping apps can help you hone in on more exact numbers. So when the time is right to renegotiate a contract or bid for a different but similar job, you’ll have a history of numbers you can plug into your estimate. And improved billing comes with fewer ups and downs in the bank account. You can more reliably project your numbers and plan for the future. 

How does this help your clients

Ultimately, any service-based business is beholden to its customers. So how does a janitorial tracking system help them? This is actually fairly easy to answer.

Even though most of your janitorial tracking is about what happens behind the scenes, it still impacts your customers. Put simply, the more organized your business is, the more positive energy you can put into your customer service. 

An organized janitorial business means you always have the product you need to do the job your customers expect. It means you never run out of paper products or have to worry that the equipment you need for a job is at the wrong location.

Add it up, and you have numerous reasons to establish a tracking system for each of your clients. Best of all, with software like Janitorial Manager, you can do all of this with just a few clicks. Our cloud-based software means you can organize your business from anywhere, whether you’re in the office, on location, or anywhere else. 

Bidding, asset tracking, cleaning checklists, supply inventory, timekeeping… it’s all here. Janitorial Manager can help you organize all your commercial cleaning operations. Schedule a free call with Janitorial Manager to learn more.