Over the past four weeks – from building and maintaining a technology-confident business image, to reducing costly labor expenses, to capitalizing on the results of mobile inspections tracking capabilities – we have discovered just a few of the ways that technology has impacted today’s commercial cleaning industry.

To wrap up our series this week, we’ll touch on the ever increasing level of client expectations and key ways for you to stay on top of your game as technology pushes the stakes even higher.

Part 4: Meeting Client Expectations and Improving Team Member Performance

Debbie Sardone is the Founder and President of Cleaning for a Reason – a cleaning company providing cleaning services for women undergoing cancer treatments. In an online round-table interview with experts regarding the future of the commercial cleaning industry, she recognized the importance of keeping in close communication with customers:

“Today’s consumers expect their service providers and brands to engage with them in real time. This trend will only accelerate in the future, and the cleaning industry needs to accelerate with it,” she said.

Living in an Instant Response Society

Right or wrong, in a world of texting, instant messaging, and constant social media sharing, your customers are accustomed to rapid reactions and real-time responses. This expectation doesn’t disappear when it comes to communicating with their cleaning service providers.

Phone calls are increasingly seen as a nuisance, and even emails are becoming less preferable to in-app communications. State-of-the-art software that supports mobile communications and real-time responses are what your company will need in order to remain competitive in today’s market.

So, whether it’s a matter of being able to promptly confirm the receipt of electronically submitted work orders, swiftly assigning your team members to various worksites, or quickly answering questions and addressing concerns that your customers message to you through a portal, you should avoid making your customers wait to receive a response.


  • Are You Able to Create Work Orders in the Field?


When your clients request a quote for tag work, like stripping floors or glass work, or ordering consumables that they happen to have at the forefront of their minds at any given moment, you want your team to be able to capitalize on the opportunity for that sale!

It is important that you and your employees are able to promptly produce work orders and to schedule work performance or delivery on the spot. Using Janitorial Manager’s integrated mobile operations management software and real-time data submissions, you will be able to review an analysis of the profitability of each work order and also maintain a permanent, easy-to-access record of all quotes, scheduled assignments, and completed work for each client.


  • Is Everyone On the Same (Calendar) Page?


When it comes time to scheduling events, including inspections, work orders, and even client anniversaries and birthdays, your team needs to be on the same page! In order to best meet your customers’ needs – and to ensure that your team members each know exactly what is expected and/or coming up next – the calendar feature in Janitorial Manager’s operations management software provides a monthly, weekly, daily and agenda view of all of the above!


We Exist to Move Your Business Forward

As discussed in the first installment of this series, when it comes to the commercial cleaning industry, the competition can be fierce! To stay ahead of the pack, you need a few secret weapons in your technological arsenal… the most important one being your use of the Janitorial Manager operations management software.

Over the last several weeks, we have highlighted only a few of the many incredible ways that today’s technology can be applied to your commercial cleaning business in order to take your company to the next level. Be sure to catch up on any of these articles that you may have missed! insert hyperlinks to articles


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