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With a remarkable history spanning 97 years in the commercial cleaning industry, GDI Integrated Facility Services stands as a testament to excellence. Established in 1926 to provide janitorial services in Quebec, Canada, GDI has evolved into an industry leader in office cleaning services, boasting a workforce of over 30,000 individuals and a record of 48 acquisitions since 2008. GDI’s extensive offerings encompass 18 distinct services, ranging from commercial and healthcare to hospitality and food plant sanitation. At the heart of GDI’s enduring success lies a steadfast commitment to a customer-centric approach.

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Over the past three years, sales approaches have undergone a profound transformation, primarily because of the 2020 pandemic. The conventional model of in-person meetings has given way to a virtual standard, with platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom becoming the new normal. This standard shift has not only revolutionized the way sales professionals operate but has also introduced fresh opportunities and challenges.

In this evolving landscape, MJ Mrga, Manager of Business Development for GDI Services, underscores the importance of adaptability. The ability to be an empathetic listener and thoroughly comprehend customer needs is critical in virtual interactions, just as it is during in-person interactions.

MJ emphasizes the significance of investing time to discover customers’ interests. Whether through active listening during conversations or completing research on their social media profiles, going the extra mile for clients plays a factor in loyalty and satisfaction.

Furthermore, MJ discusses the importance of a bond between the sales team and the marketing department. Collaboration between these two pivotal functions has never been more crucial. When sales and marketing seamlessly unite, they can increase brand visibility, deliver superior lead generation, and elevate conversion rates. The rewards reaped from this alignment can be truly substantial in today’s fiercely competitive market.

About Our Guest(s):

Mj Mrga

MJ Mrga

Manager of Business Development - GDI Services

MJ Mrga has served as the Manager of Business Development for GDI Services for nearly eight years. Her passion for sales ignited during her formative years in high school and has been her driving force ever since. MJ currently resides in Canada, where she continues to make her mark in the world of sales and business development.

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