If you’re not using cleaning business scheduling software, you’re savings – and profits – are going down the drain.

Running a cleaning business is hard work. You juggle client schedules, staff schedules, quotes, payments, client information, and more. Most smaller businesses can’t afford the administrative help needed to stay on top of all these variables. Fortunately, for a fraction of the cost, there are multiple options for cleaning business scheduling software that can help you manage all of this information—and without a single sheet of paper to stack on your desk or stuff in a drawer.

Cleaning Business Scheduling Software

What is scheduling software?

Cleaning business scheduling software is either a program or an app (in many cases both) through which you can manage your cleaning business schedule, as well as other relevant information about your day-to-day operations. Some software comes as part of a larger CRM package, and some of it is stand-alone, but in both scenarios, it serves the purpose of cutting down on administrative tasks and processes, streamlining workflow for your business, and giving you more time to focus on other things.

As you’d expect in the age of technology, cleaning business scheduling software is almost always cloud-based, meaning you can access it from any computer that has internet access. And of course, most of the software also comes with accompanying apps for tablets and smartphones so you can even keep up with scheduling while on the go.

So what are the practical benefits of cleaning business scheduling software? There are many, but we think these ten boast enough advantages to help you make your decision.

Cleaning Business Scheduling Software

Advantages for managing staff

1. Monitor and manage staff availability 

Today, everyone is constantly on the move. Your cleaning staff is probably no different. From planned vacations to unexpected call-outs, ensuring daily coverage can be challenging in the cleaning industry. With cleaning business scheduling software, you can view and change your staff’s availability from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. An added bonus? You can give your employees access to do the same, which gives them more time to be where they need to be, even on short notice.

2. Notification and cancellation e-mails 

Another great benefit for your staff is the ability to auto-generate change and cancellation notifications. Set your software to send out these e-mails immediately when either you or a client changes or cancels an appointment, giving your staff as much notice as possible that there’s been a change in scheduling that might affect them.

3. Choose the access you want to give 

Maybe you don’t want your staff to make scheduling changes, but you’d like for them to view said changes. No problem. Cleaning business scheduling software allows you to limit your staff’s access so they can still see scheduling changes, but they won’t be able to make any unapproved changes themselves. And since access is granted on a per-user basis, you can give more access to managers and supervisors and limited access to others if you choose.

Cleaning Business Scheduling Software

Advantages for clients

4. Schedule online 

Clients will love your cleaning business scheduling software because they can make and change their appointments online (as long as you enable the function). Through your website or even through social media, they can set and change appointments with a few clicks of a mouse. No major online presence? No problem. You clients can also download an app for the software and can make changes there.

5. Information tracking 

Through cleaning business scheduling software, you can track things like client information, cleaning history, payment history, no shows, staff notes, and client feedback. This feature comes in very handy when you’re doing your bookkeeping, reviewing clients, or creating reports with metric information that can help you enhance your business.

6. Online payments 

Another favorite feature is the ability for clients to make payments online, 24/7. No more worrying about whether or not invoices were received on time or whether a check got lost in the mail. You can manage it all online.

7. Receive client feedback 

Most scheduling software comes with the ability for clients to provide feedback (even if the software isn’t part of a full CRM package). This function is critical for staying on top of performance and client satisfaction, and it comes with the bonus of removing your staff from any conflicts that arise. (If a client goes to complain to a staff member on-site, the employee can direct them to the app to provide the feedback directly to you.)

Cleaning Business Scheduling Software

New business benefits

8. Create quotes instantly 

This benefit may only come with full CRM software, but it’s worth the investment. Clients always seem to want a quote right away, which is challenging when you have to manually review and calculate the costs of the services they want. With cleaning business scheduling software, enter the services in real-time and generate a quote instantly. You may still have to negotiate, but you can do it on the spot, which is likely to garner you more clients in the long run.

9. SEO ranking 

Another benefit of scheduling software is that it can boost your search engine ranking, allowing potential clients to find you more easily when they go to Google to look for cleaning services.

Cleaning Business Scheduling Software


10. Never lose client records

Finally, cleaning business scheduling software backs up all of your information on the cloud, which means that even if your hardware malfunctions or you somehow lose access, your information remains safe. Rest easy knowing that your business is backed up and secured, so you never have to worry about losing important data again.