Staying on top of cleaning industry trends is crucial to staying on top of the competition.

The commercial cleaning industry is changing faster than ever before. Stan Atkins, CEO of the British Institute of Cleaning Science, says, “Of my 30-plus years in the [cleaning] sector, I have never seen the industry move so quickly in terms of innovations and technological advancements.”

His conclusion (a very logical one) is that leaders in the cleaning industry need to make sure that their workers—as well as themselves—are equipped to handle the constant changes in cleaning industry trends. Of course, the only way to do that is to know what the changing trends are in the first place.

Cleaning Industry Trends

The frequency of change

Keeping abreast of cleaning industry trends has become more challenging because, as Atkins points out, this is the fastest things have changed in a long time. Advances in technology, growing concern about environmental impact, and the need for most any business to have an online presence are all things that have commercial cleaners struggling to keep up with an industry that, previously, didn’t change very much at all.

In a way, you might say that change, itself, is one of the changes in cleaning industry trends. In addition to getting used to the trends, cleaning professionals also have to get used to the frequency with which trends continue to change.

So what are some current cleaning industry trends?

Cleaning Industry Trends

10 Cleaning industry trends to keep in mind as you grow and maintain your business

1. Web presence

People go online for almost everything these days, including scheduling appointments and seeking professional opinions. If you have an outdated or nonexistent website, you may be losing business to competitors who’ve stepped up their web presence. Before you do anything else, invest in a sleek, professional website that has “clean” written all over it. (Well, not literally.)

2. Eco-friendly cleaning products

The environment is another top priority among cleaning industry trends. With more literature available on potential chemical hazards, many customers want green cleaning services, even if it comes at an extra cost.

3. Janitorial software

Janitorial software is another worthwhile investment that can save you in time and resources. It not only streamlines appointments and schedules, but it also allows for client feedback, employee tracking, real-time conflict resolution, and much more. Most janitorial software is optimized for mobile, so you can even take advantage of it on-the-go.

4. More outsourcing

Particularly in sectors like construction and healthcare, an increasing number of businesses are outsourcing their cleaning to third party companies. One reason for this shift has to do with OSHA regulations—internal janitorial services just can’t stay on top of all the rules as well as a business that specializes in cleaning. If you’re looking for new business, look at places where the regulations are strict. There’s a good chance they’re looking for you, too.

5. New products

Not only are green cleaning products part of emerging cleaning industry trends, but other new products and services have piqued customers’ interests. Things like microbial and renewable cleaning can be money-makers while simultaneously demonstrating that your company is an industry leader.

6. Social media

Another in web-related cleaning industry trends is the use of social media, and especially Instagram, for marketing. Learn how to take advantage of the impressions you can make through social, and you’ll find that your marketing costs drop dramatically while your client base increases.

7. Bring on the robots

Though some worry about them replacing human jobs, the reality about cleaning robots is that they are an efficient way to do basic jobs. They can’t replace human cleaners because there are still plenty of nuances to deal with, but those nuances become easier to manage if you’ve got a machine that can handle vacuuming the carpets without you.

8. Customer reviews

Online reviews are a challenging, but important trend to tackle. Customers are happy to tell the world about one single mistake, while they often neglect to make mention of the good work you do. Whatever your lot, take pains to respond to customer concerns while showing appreciation for any good publicity. Your reaction to customer reviews can help to make or break your business, no matter what others have said about you.

9. Specialized services

Let’s face it: There’s a lot of competition for commercial cleaning out there. Specializing in a specific area, such as carpet cleaning, can help to bring in customers, even if they only need a single, on-demand service.

10. More employee training

While professional cleaning doesn’t require intensely specialized training, there are advantages to providing advanced employee training. Yes, it’s another expense, but it also equips your employees with the knowledge to better problem-solve on the spot, which is something they have to do often while working second and third shifts. Besides that, it increases efficiency and, perhaps most important, morale.