Are you struggling with employee turnover? Here are some helpful strategies.

As a manager, you strive to retain your employees to prevent costly employee turnover. Each work day is busy as you’re on the phone or in the field to obtain clients. While business operations are your most important source of capital, your employees are another important source that can often be overlooked. Without hard working and committed employees, your business will suffer. Fortunately for you, there are solutions.

Streamline your Employee Management

Since your employees are the lifeblood of your business, they need to function smoothly within your daily operations. Being able to manage all your employees’ roles and responsibilities can be overwhelming. You must know where they need to be and when they need to be there. One way to lessen the burden is to utilize a calendar that is seamlessly integrated into your daily operations management. This allows you to keep track of where your employees are scheduled to work for the day. You can even use the calendar to see specific employee information such as birthdays or work anniversaries.  Management tools that integrate employee management with your daily operations give you more oversight of your business.

Set Expectations and Reward Accordingly

Nothing is worse than when you answer the phone and there’s an angry client on the other end complaining that a room wasn’t cleaned properly in his or her office. Avoid that difficult conversation with both your client and employee by setting expectations from the moment a new employee joins your team. Forming this right from the beginning with your employees is essential for establishing responsibilities and accountability because job incidents can occur regardless of the job screening process. So, when job incidents occur, do you have the tools in place to document an incident? If no, consider the value of being able to reference convenient and clear documentation when you’re evaluating employee performance. Tools to successfully keep employees accountable could be the difference between effective and ineffective employee management. Do you have software to conduct employee reviews? What about a tool to reward employees for their hard work when it’s deserved? There are so many tools that you could be utilizing in your janitorial business to save time, run more efficiently and grow revenue.

Schedule Raises

Low wages are indicative that employment will be short-lived. This means your current employees may already be looking for a new job with higher pay. The ability to have a system in place where you can reward your employees with a pay raise can be an important step in preventing costly employee turnover. Sit down with your employees a few times a year and go over their performance. If they have performed to your standard, reward with a raise. Schedule a bit of time out of your day every so often to review your employees performance. If they need improvement, address that clearly and if their performance has been exceptional, schedule a date for a raise to take effect.

Train Effectively

When a new employee is hired, you’re responsible for ensuring that they are being properly trained. Do you have a plan of action to train and mentor your new employees? If not, you should create one to reduce turnover. Formulate an onboarding program and check employees’ progress. The more they learn, the more competent they will be and with competence comes confidence. Your employees’ uncertainty in situations with hazardous chemicals, for example, could lead to costly mistakes and loss of clientele.

End Employee Turnover

Boost Morale and Motivate your Employees with Words

The power of words is often overlooked. Do you recognize when your employee has done an excellent job in the field? Give him or her the feeling of accomplishment with your words. Having a platform where you can document key accomplishments for your employees to view could be a solution that can boost employee morale. The ability to see employees’ names with words acknowledging their hard work shows your appreciation of their contribution to your business. Even by simply wishing one of your employees a happy birthday shows that you care. You care about your business don’t you? Of course you do! Take care of your employees so they’ll care too!

Results Only Come With Action

If employee turnover is an issue in your janitorial business, take action and make a change for the better. You have the power! A streamlined system can be the help you need to halt costly employee turnover. Schedule a free demo of Janitorial Manager today and you’ll see how to better manage your employees so that your business can begin the upward march of constant growth!