Make your cleaning business more secure by booking ongoing services with your janitorial customers.

One of the scariest moments in running a commercial cleaning business is when you realize you don’t have enough janitorial customers to meet your overhead. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen often. When it does, though, you’re left scrambling for new clients and contracts, and that’s never an ideal situation to be in. 

There are, of course, a few ways you can try to get some cleaning jobs quickly if this does happen. Still, that doesn’t help much with the stress of the situation. One way to smooth out your schedule and revenue is to book ongoing services with your janitorial clients. 

That sounds ideal. A full book of customers who have regularly scheduled appointments is the dream. That makes your entire life easier, from scheduling to tracking and ordering supplies to planning for growing your business. It’s not just your business that benefits, though. Your customers also benefit from ongoing janitorial services.

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Janitorial Customers

How to create happy janitorial customers and steady revenue all in one go

Obviously, there are benefits that regular janitorial customers bring to your cleaning business. You know approximately what your supply needs are for each month. You know what payroll and the schedule will look like. Invoicing is more streamlined, and there is steady money flowing into your business bank account. 

While that’s all great for you, your customers hire you because you provide a service they need. No matter how much they like you, they can’t justify hiring you just to make sure your scheduling is easy. 

To get your janitorial customers to book ongoing services, this has to be about them. So what do they get out of the deal? At first glance, it just seems like scheduling more appointments leads to a more expensive janitorial bill. 

There’s so much more to it than that. Here are some of the ways ongoing commercial cleaning services benefit your janitorial customers.

1. Familiarity with your team. When your customers schedule regular appointments, they get to know your team. They know who is in their building and what to expect from them. 

2. Improved care of their facility. Another reason to schedule ongoing services is that your team will get to know the facility. They’re looking at things that most other people aren’t, such as the wear on carpet or wood flooring. They notice things like leaks in the bathroom fixtures that they can alert a facilities manager to before they become a big problem. 

3. Lower costs. When your team is there regularly, buildings stay cleaner, meaning they are easier to clean. As a result, your team can work more quickly, while still providing excellent service. 

4. Cleaner space. This one is probably obvious, but it never hurts to remind your janitorial customers that when you come more often, their space will be cleaner and more presentable to their customers and clients. 

5. Healthier space. A clean space is nice, but even better is a healthier space. Regularly disinfecting, along with good ventilation, can help building occupants remain healthy. A thorough cleaning schedule cuts down on dust, mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, and all the other things that lead to allergies, headaches, colds, flu, and numerous other health conditions. 

6. Greater productivity. Closely aligned with a healthier space is greater employee productivity. Fewer sick days, or even days of working slowly due to headaches or eye irritation, lead to higher productivity. So, ongoing janitorial services can actually help your customers make money!

7. Schedule security. Here’s a benefit for you and your janitorial customers. When they schedule regularly, you can give them their preferred days and times. At the very least, you can get close to those preferred time slots. Of course, without ongoing services scheduled, there’s no guarantee that those time slots would be available. 

8. Saves time. When your customers have to spend time finding a new commercial cleaning company and orienting them to the facility, they’re wasting a lot of time that they don’t need to. Your services are valuable, and it’s important to be aware of the possible disruptions of finding a new cleaning company. 

9. Improves company image. Here’s another benefit that makes sense, but is also worth mentioning, as it’s easy to overlook. A clean space gives customers a good impression of a company. By hiring you for ongoing commercial cleaning services, your customers are putting their best foot forward for their customers. 

Overall, your janitorial customers are getting a gigantic return on investment by booking ongoing cleaning services with you. In fact, there’s really no downside. 

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