Your new cleaning business is about to have a stellar year. Here are 12 ideas to make it happen.

Opening a new cleaning business is a big step. In a competitive market, it can be a challenge to stand out, win bids, and keep your company running smoothly. That’s all part of the process, though. We learn as we go and do our best to improve at every opportunity. 

Some of that happens naturally. Some, however, is the result of a conscious effort. These don’t need to be big, time-consuming efforts, either. In fact, as the owner of a new cleaning business, you often need ideas and strategies that have a big impact without a big investment in time and energy. 

In fact, creating and maintaining habits is more effective when we look for manageable actions. Slow and steady wins the race, indeed. So, let’s take a look at some impactful steps that will help your business grow in the coming months and years. 

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New Cleaning Business

12 Ideas for growing your new cleaning business into a solid, steady company

1. Focus on customer service. Customer service is the foundation of any business, from bakeries to lawn care to banking. Excellent and friendly service is the key to referrals and positive reviews. It helps you work through issues with dissatisfied clients. And it’s easy. The difference between good and bad service is so often just a matter of attitude. Of course, you have to do a good job and fulfill your commitments. However, simply saying hello to your customers and working with a smile takes no additional time, yet it makes your customers feel comfortable. 

2. Spend time getting organized. The initial time investment in getting your business organized has an immediate and substantial ROI. An organized business is more prompt and accurate with invoicing, scheduling, bidding, and keeping up with customer requests. Whether you use a spreadsheet or a powerful software solution like Janitorial Manager, any effort you put into organization will make your work more efficient right away. 

3. Get social. Social media is free advertising. And you can put as much or as little effort into it as you want. At the very least, though, post some of your best before and after pictures on a site like Facebook or Instagram. Many of your customers will expect to see examples of your work on these sites, and you’re probably already taking these pictures. It’s really just one extra step. 

4. Get certified. If you do have a little time, it’s worth exploring different certifications. Some of these courses don’t require a lot of time, yet they can help your new cleaning business stand out as trustworthy and up-to-date on cleaning procedures and techniques. 

5. Ask for reviews. If you haven’t already, ask your best customers for reviews on sites like Google and Yelp. Good reviews can influence your potential customers. 

6. Respond to reviews. Again, this doesn’t require much time or effort, but has a huge impact on your current customers and those exploring your services. Simply saying thank you goes a long way in making it seem like you are responsive and attentive to customer needs. 

7. Reply to negative reviews. While it’s important to respond to positive reviews, it’s crucial to reply to negative reviews. However! Don’t be defensive or accusatory. A professional response to negative reviews is actually a great way to encourage others to try your cleaning services. Why? Because this gives you an opportunity to showcase your customer service and highlight how approachable you are. 

8. Schedule time for sales. As challenging as it can be, going into a business and talking to the owner or manager is a powerful way to gain new accounts. It’s well worth scheduling time to do this. Put it into your calendar, and stick to it. Whether it’s one morning each week or a full day every other week, you have to get out there and hit the pavement. If you find that you’re growing quickly, you may even decide to hire a full-time salesperson. 

9. Put effort into hiring and onboarding. If you’ve made it to the point that you have employees, be sure to put the effort into hiring and onboarding them. Like getting organized, this does require an initial investment of time and energy, but the payoff is substantial. When you hire the right people, and treat them well, you don’t have to contend with as much turnover. Ultimately, that makes your job easier. 

10. Connect with your local SBA. The Small Business Association has a wealth of resources and information to help your new cleaning business thrive. They offer local assistance throughout the country, much of which is free. 

11. Know your worth. There is always someone out there who can underbid you, do your job for cheaper, or make offers you simply can’t beat. Rather than worrying about these eventualities, focus on the quality you bring to a job. Sell your services on value, not price. Remember, you have to keep your business in good financial shape so you can pay your team, make a profit, and continue to provide top-notch cleaning services to your customers.

12. Don’t be afraid to turn down a job. Turning down a job is a scary prospect for any business working to grow. But going along with the idea of knowing your worth is understanding that not every job is good for your business. Customers who treat your employees poorly, continually ask for more without wanting to pay, or constantly complain about your work end up taking energy and time that you could devote to the customers who appreciate what you do. Additionally, you don’t want to take on a job you aren’t qualified for or don’t have the resources to perform. Doing so will lead to unsatisfied customers, demoralized employees, and more than a few headaches. 

Most of these ideas don’t require a lot of time. However, they can have a powerful impact on your business. Take advantage of them and watch how quickly your business gains strength and grows.

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