Find out how to use QR codes to overcome and even prevent some of the most common facility maintenance challenges.

Building services and facility management can feel like a dream when everything runs smoothly. Of course, that dream is usually short-lived as facility maintenance challenges undoubtedly arise. That’s especially true for anyone working in older buildings. 

You’re short on staff, funding, or the time to get to everything you need to. And there are always those unexpected issues that blow your budget and ruin any hope of a schedule. 

There are, however, solutions. QR codes, along with technology and software like Janitorial Manager, can make a huge difference in your organization and efficiency. Here are some common facility maintenance challenges you can overcome with QR codes. 

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Facility Maintenance Challenges

Don’t let these 5 facility maintenance challenges get you down

While some facility maintenance challenges include unexpected repairs and damage control, the primary idea behind maintenance is to avoid those situations. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “maintain” as: “to keep in an existing state (as of repair, efficiency, or validity)preserve from failure or decline.” They go on to define “maintenance” as “the upkeep of property or equipment.” That brings us to the first challenge.

1. Scheduling. Scheduling is always a challenge, but it’s nearly impossible to keep up if you’re tracking your maintenance projects manually. If you have maintenance items that happen once per month or once every few months, it can easily turn into an emergency situation just by missing those tasks once or twice. HVAC filter changes are an excellent example here. Failing to change filters when the AC is running full blast in the middle of summer can lead to the air conditioning functioning poorly or breaking down altogether. With QR codes, you can access digital checklists, so anyone can scan and see what work is done and what tasks remain to be completed. 

2. Controlling costs. You probably already know that it’s less expensive to maintain than repair or replace. If nothing else, you’re looking at the potential for more downtime or collateral damage when something breaks before you have a chance to service it. These expenses can add up quickly, and in a world of tight budgets, you need to save money wherever you can. Using QR codes to track maintenance schedules makes it easy to review a maintenance schedule and add service notes for past or future maintenance operations. 

3. Communication. Communication can be one of the most consequential facility maintenance challenges you face. Poor communication results in work not getting done, your team duplicating efforts, and confusion regarding who is responsible for what. QR codes help improve communication. A simple scan lets you see right away which tasks were done, by whom, and when. You and your team can also leave notes and images for any questions or problems that come up. That way, you can communicate without the worry of forgetting. Additionally, QR codes enable different shifts to communicate even if they don’t see each other in person. 

4. Property damage. This is one of those facility maintenance challenges that falls under controlling costs and communication. Why? Because, in many cases, good communication can help prevent property damage. And, naturally, avoiding damage means saving money. A plumbing leak is a good example. Employee A notices the leak but doesn’t have the tools or skills to fix it. So he places a bucket underneath the pipe, puts up a wet floor sign, and goes about his business. If he forgets to mention this, you could quickly end up with extensive (and expensive!) water damage. However, flagging the leak and offering a description and images through a QR code can help your on-site plumber notice and locate the leak, allowing them to fix the problem and avoid extra damage. 

5. Time management. How much time does it take your team to perform certain tasks? You probably have a decent idea, but what if you could pinpoint it? Would it change how you approach different jobs if you knew you needed to allot more or less time to a task? With QR codes like Scan4Clean, your team logs the time in and out of each area, so you can determine how best to schedule tasks and people. 

With QR codes on your team, your biggest facility maintenance challenges could just fade away.

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