The average cleaning company loses up to 55% of its customer base every year because of a lack of service quality or simple non-performance.

Why It Matters:

This means that you’re allowing LOTS of additional revenue to walk out the door. You’re also losing referral opportunities.


Who’s going to recommend your business if your cleaner failed to show up for a shift or didn’t take care of a spill?
Nobody, that’s who. But you can prevent either of these things from ever happening so you can retain and gain new clients.

Now Picture This:

Pretend that you have several cleaners out in the field working at different locations. Suddenly, you get a call from one of your nearby fitness center clients. The owner tells you that there’s been an accident involving a patron at their gym, and they need one of your employees over ASAP to clean up the exposed bodily fluids. (Don’t worry, the patron is going to be ok.)

At that moment, do you know who’s on the clock and who isn’t? Do you know which employee is the closest to the location to handle the spill? Probably not unless you have a mind built like Google Maps. But if you have Janitorial Manager’s Who’s Working feature on a mobile device, you don’t have to sweat it.

In an instant, you can view a map that uses GPS to display nearby clocked in and out employees. Once you decide who the nearest or most suitable employee is to handle the situation, you can contact them using JM connect. Then, the employee can set GPS directions to the gym and respond quickly.


Why Responding Quickly is Important

Efficiency and prompt responsiveness drive client satisfaction. The numbers don’t lie either.  75% of customers report that a fast response time is the most important attribute of a good customer experience.

With Who’s Working, you have employee location information at your fingertips so you can respond fast and keep your clients happy. Who’s Working saves you YOUR valuable time and energy.

You don’t have to drop what you’re doing and handle the spill yourself.

Here’s Another Scenario That Drives You Nuts

For anyone that’s ever been in the cleaning business, at one time or another, or many times, you have a cleaner who fails to show up for their shift. Then, during the next day, you get to hear this unexpected (and unpleasant) music from your client while they proceed to fire you. Ouch. But you can’t blame them, can you?

66% of B2B customers stop buying after a bad customer service experience. If only you knew in advance, you could have found someone to do the job. But don’t worry, there’s light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Janitorial Manager will alert you if a shift is missed so you can take action before the next day. Once you’re alerted, by pulling up the Who’s Working feature, you can see who’s clocked in and nearby to handle the situation.

Or, if everyone is clocked out, you can still begin recruiting who is nearby to cover the missed shift so you don’t have to. Then, clock them in for the shift. Action and dependable cleaning results are what your clients want. Equip yourself with cost-effective Janitorial Software and you’ll deliver.

One Last Inconvenient Reality

Supplies run out. It’s inconvenient when they do, but what matters is if you replenish them on time. If you do that along with your other client tasks, you’ll keep getting paid. And that’s what matters, isn’t it?

Consider this:

Let’s say your cleaner is out at a location and there’s one paper towel roll left, but three dispensers need to be filled. He contacts you and informs you of the situation. He could run out and get the supplies himself, but for the sake of this example, he’s on a tight schedule and can’t afford to get behind…

Using Who’s Working, you can view the map of nearby employees and find someone nearby to fulfill the supply task. Your on-site employee doesn’t have to get behind on schedule, and your client has paper towels to dry their hands.


Curbing client turnover doesn’t have to be a major operational change and investment. Small changes here and there like, adding JM’s Who Working feature, can help you increase client satisfaction and your bottom line. Don’t settle for client turnover when you can prevent it.

Raising your cleaning company’s profitability and increasing client retention is just a click away. Click here to schedule a free discovery call with Janitorial Manager.