Keeping track of a cleaning supply inventory can be a challenge. Fortunately, there is software that can help.

With all the different cleaning requirements out there, janitorial operations can have a pretty extensive cleaning supply inventory. From disinfectants to deodorizers, all-purpose cleaners, polishes, eco-friendly products, hand soaps, wipes, and all the other many items you might stock, keeping track of your cleaning inventory can sometimes feel like a full-time job on its own. To avoid coming up short on materials for any given job, you have to give daily attention to your current inventory as well as projected inventory for the days and weeks to come.

There’s also the cost factor associated with cleaning supply inventory. Buy too little, and you may not have what you need; buy too much, and you end up with supplies sitting on shelves for weeks or longer, not to mention a potential hole in your budget.

And let’s not forget about the storage of supplies. Some things are indeed kept at an operation’s headquarters or in a warehouse, but other things, like wipes, trash bags, and mops, stay at each job site, making inventory management even more complicated.

With so many details involved in cleaning supply inventory management, pen and paper aren’t enough to get the job done. Even if you could keep up with stocking your storage areas, there’s a wide margin of error with manual records, from lost inventory sheets to budgetary mistakes to miscommunication as lists are handed back and forth between people.

Instead of trying to clear all these hurdles, we recommend using janitorial software like Janitorial Manager to streamline your cleaning supply inventory. Here’s why.

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Cleaning Supply Inventory

7 Reasons software makes your cleaning supply inventory more accurate (and easier to do)

1. Real-time inventory

With janitorial software, you can manage your inventory in real-time instead of sporadically taking count. Each of your employees can access the software through mobile devices, allowing them to take inventory immediately on each job site. When they see something is running low, just a few taps will put it on the list of things you need to stock up on. Not only does this help ensure that you’re always on top of your inventory, but it also helps reduce mistakes caused by forgetfulness.

2. Connect inventory to jobs

Another significant benefit of using janitorial software to manage the cleaning supply inventory is that you can tie supplies to each job site. This helps ensure that you’re buying products relevant to the work your teams are currently doing instead of stocking up generically. With job-specific inventory, you’ll reduce the number of supplies that sit in storage unused.

Connecting inventory to jobs also helps in sorting out discrepancies with your supplies. You’ll get a better sense as to whether or not someone is using too much of something, and you’ll also have an easier time tracking down anything that may have gone missing. A bonus here is that you can assess whether or not individual employees may require additional training on using a product since team members usually work a routine of job sites.

And if you find that one or two jobs are taking up more of your supplies than others, janitorial software will help paint a clear business reason should you need to increase costs for those customers or increase your budget.

3. Get alerts

Many of the janitorial software options out there also allow you to enable alerts if a particular supply is running low. Alerts ensure that even if you didn’t check your cleaning supply inventory recently, you’d still be notified if you need to place an order. This is especially useful while the COVID-19 pandemic continues since shipping can take longer, thus potentially delaying the work you need to get done if you didn’t order in time.

4. Identify patterns

With janitorial software, you can quickly identify patterns that can help you plan and budget for your cleaning supply inventory. Run reports to see where there may be spikes or dips in the use of any given product, which then allows you to look back to determine the causes of those fluctuations. Understanding your supply patterns also helps you reduce the guesswork involved in your forecasting.

5. Special requests

If a customer or an employee wants to use a particular product on a job site, they can make a request through the janitorial software platform. And since the request is in real-time, you’ll also reduce the wait time for select products to arrive, allowing you and your team to get a job done more quickly. When the request comes in, if it’s approved, just add it to your inventory shopping list, and you’ll be all set the next time you place an order.

6. Less miscommunication

Since janitorial software is cloud-based, everyone on your team will have access to the same lists and numbers, dramatically reducing the risk of people getting their wires crossed. If someone needs something, they simply make a note in the software, then other employees can see where inventory stands across the board, not just on their own job sites. No more duplicate orders. No more over-ordering. Your entire team will be on the same page, and that goes a long way.

7. All hours access

Does a random thought about your cleaning supply inventory ever pop into your head at night or on a day off? With janitorial software, there’s no need to make a note and investigate later. Just log in and get your questions answered right away. No more lost sleep over inventory!

Overall, using janitorial software to track your cleaning supply inventory will save you time, which means saving money. No more fumbling through spreadsheets or other manual processes—tasks that can take up a significant amount of time if you’re thorough. You won’t have to dedicate specific times to taking inventory, nor will you have to go through lengthy ordering processes. Store everything in the app, easily place orders, and use your new-found free time to focus on your customers.

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