Scholarships are an important role in allowing students to pursue their dreams. Janitorial Manager (JM) is proud to be part of making those dreams happen by offering an annual scholarship of $1,000. This year’s winner is Oluwatobi Giwa, a student who attends George Brown College located in Toronto, Canada. Oluwatobi stood out among her peers with her exceptional essay titled: “How has technology changed the janitorial industry in the 21st century?”

In her essay, Oluwatobi discusses how technological developments have paved the way for enhanced production and efficiency in the cleaning industry. “To get rid of dust, filth, and allergens, these autonomous machines continually move around spaces, effortlessly gliding across diverse surfaces,” she explains, highlighting how these advancements save both time and money.

Oluwatobi also recognizes the importance of digital platforms, stating, “Instant access to work orders or schedule changes is made possible by mobile applications, which also allow for seamless communication between personnel in various places.” Thanks to cutting-edge technology, janitorial businesses can adopt these advances to continue expanding and growing.

Janitorial Manager is thrilled to be actively involved in the technological advancements that are transforming the cleaning industry. Our software system caters to helping Building Service Contractors and In-House Service Providers (hospitals, universities, stadiums, government, etc) to streamline their cleaning operation. Discover how Janitorial Manager can assist your cleaning organization, and together, let’s create a cleaner future!

On behalf of the entire Janitorial Manager team, congratulations, Oluwatobi!

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