A better quality of clean is here! 

Janitorial Manager is proud to release Instructional Media as the first new feature of the second quarter.

Instructional Media allows commercial cleaners to watch videos and view images of cleaning tasks. This new feature brings a level of competence and confidence to cleaning teams so that they know the best practices to perform specific tasks. Instructional Media is not only valuable in the moment, but it’s also useful for…

Possible tasks that can be documented using Instructional Media include:

  • Demonstrating how to disable an alarm
  • Uploading a walkthrough of a building
  • Showing routine floor scrubber maintenance
  • Proper sanitizing procedures
  • And much more!

Setting up Instructional Media within JM is simple too. From inside the desktop, admin users can upload and assign instructional media to specific employees or locations. This makes it easy to organize your materials so that your employees can only access the media that relates to them.

If you’re an existing JM customer and would like to get started with Instructional Media, contact your account manager or call our support team at (567) 777-3273.

If you’re NOT a customer and you’re interested in learning more about any of the features listed above, click here to schedule a FREE consultation.