Improve Efficiency and Accuracy with Team Clock In 

Team Clock In allows a designated manager to clock in multiple employees at one time from the field.  This generates accurate data when processing payroll which has a direct impact on employee satisfaction and retention.  Of course, accurate payroll also improves your financial results!  With the touch of a button, your cleaning team is clocked in and ready to go.  With Janitorial Manager, we make it easy to have an electronic recording of payroll no matter how your organization functions.

Adding Videos to Work Orders 

Sometimes a before and after photo on a work order is not enough.  With the new video option for work orders on JM connect, your team will have the ability to take videos from the field to show specifications of the jobs they are performing.  This allows better communication with your employees and your clients to assure expectations are understood and achieved. With historical tracking of work order videos and documents, you will always have a history of the key projects you perform. 

View Employee Timecards on JM Connect  

From the field, managers will have instant live-time access to see where their employees are located and when they last clocked in.  Is your supervisor at a facility and realizes, due to a company party, the place is a mess and they need more staff immediately?  Using this fantastic new feature, with one click on JM Connect the supervisor can see other employees nearby that are working.  They can then use the JM employee contacting tools to call over extra resources to assure the job gets done. 

Mobile Calendar on JM Connect 

With the touch of a button, your leaders in the field can have an immediate overview of scheduled work shifts. Know where your employees are throughout the day and have immediate answers to your clients’ questions on when work is going to be performed at their location.

Automatic Time Punch 

The new JM Automatic Time Punch is designed for cleaning operations that cannot have employees use a smart device for clocking in and out or use the call-in clock-in feature.  This feature also assists if you pay by the job and not by the hour.  After setting up the schedule, Janitorial Manager will automatically clock the employee in and out. All data is saved in the system so you have historical records on times worked and can process payroll easier.