You know that feeling when you walk into your office first thing in the morning, no one else is there, there’s no junk on the floor, and everything is shiny and clean? That’s a great way to start the day. But if you walk into your office and nothing is clean, nothing is in its place, you can see dirt and dust lingering everywhere or streaks on the windows, then it’s time to either start utilizing a janitorial service company or maybe to try a new one. Most businesses hire professionals instead of employing a full-time janitor, both for convenience and money, but it’s a highly competitive industry. If you start looking for the right company, you may get lost searching websites, forums or reviews, and you will most likely find multiple companies that can handle the needs of your business. So which one is right for you?

Duck, Duck…Goose?

Choosing any type of service company isn’t an easy task – you want a team that shows professionalism, one that works around your schedule and your budget, a group you can trust to live up to their promises. This can be especially hard when it comes to a janitorial service company. Unfortunately, many businesses in the cleaning industry have gone the way of shortcuts and quick fixes – either they’re trying to save a buck by being understaffed, or by using lower quality products, or they’re dependant on an unorganized system of communication and service, all of which leaves their clients unsatisfied and looking elsewhere. It’s like playing a game of Duck, Duck, Goose – you choose a janitorial services company (the proverbial Goose), but instead of them chasing you to get your business, you end up chasing them to do their job, and you stand around wishing you had selected a different duck. It’s a lose-lose situation.   

Choosing the Right Duck

The idiom “ducks in a row” is a well-known way to say that one is organized, prepared or up-to-date, and those are three big things to look for when choosing the right janitorial service company to partner with. When you think you’ve found the right company, use these 5 tips to ensure that they’re the best choice, or duck, for you.


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Tip #1: Ask questions

Too often, businesses choose a janitorial services company based only on price, they end up receiving poor service, and the cycle continues. That cycle can easily be broken if you just take the time to ask some questions – any legitimate company will have no problem answering them, and if they do bristle at being questioned, they’re probably not as legitimate and you may think. You can trim your list of potential companies pretty easily if they take themselves out of the running. The same goes for the prospective companies – they should have detailed questions for you, about what you expect in terms of service options, communication requirements, billing, etc., and if they don’t, then they probably aren’t the right choice.

Tip #2: Require references

Every janitorial services company is different. Do the janitorial service companies you are considering have experience with commercial cleaning or office cleaning? Some companies mainly service homes, not businesses, while others are start-up businesses with limited industry knowledge. The best option is to go with a janitorial service company with long-term experience that knows what it takes to maintain a facility so that it fosters productivity and a positive image. Reputable companies will readily supply contact information for customers with needs similar to yours.


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Tip #3: Think beyond green

Every janitorial company you contact will boast about all of the green, earth-friendly cleaning products they use, and it’s true – most companies these days have committed to going green. But think about the needs of your office or building and the people who work or visit there – the right janitorial service company will take every area to be cleaned into consideration, knowing and understanding the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting, and they will use the proper products accordingly. The health and safety of the individuals who walk through the door should be of the utmost importance, to you and to your janitorial service company.


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Tip #4: Get it in writing

If you know anything about negotiating, you know that you better be able to back up everything you do or say in writing. The same goes for selecting a janitorial service company. Their contract should be thorough and easy to understand, without any fine print that you may miss. They should be able to provide proof of any and all types of insurance or certifications they carry. Their billing practices should be clearly spelled out, leaving no doubt about when and how payment is received. You should only sign on the dotted line if you have every expectation in writing.

Tip #5: Choose customer service

If you’ve done all of your research, and you still have a couple companies to consider, always go with the one with the highest level of customer service and a commitment to communication. Emergencies happen – you should have a reliable way to contact the company, and they should have a service plan already laid out. You also want to look for a company that uses every tool to their advantage – in today’s electronically dependent business culture, you want to find a janitorial service company that has upgraded their services to use the best types of technology out there. A good service company will cater to what you need, not the other way around.

When it comes to a janitorial service company, there are a lot of ducks in the pond, but choosing the right duck doesn’t have to be overwhelming or impossible. There are a lot of good choices out there, but a company that utilizes a product like Janitorial Manager is sure to go above and beyond what you need for your business. Janitorial Manager is a cloud-based work management system designed to help janitorial service companies stay organized, proactive and relevant, allowing them to provide the best customer service available. If your service partner isn’t using a tool like Janitorial Manager, have them give us a call today for a free demo!