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Imperial Cleaners is rooted in a foundation built on family, boasting a collective experience of over 40 years within the commercial cleaning industry. Operating in Nova Scotia, Canada since 2001, Imperial Cleaners has a workforce of more than 300 employees and cherishes its small-company ethos. Despite their growth, they embrace every day with a small company mindset. Chris and Rachael believe working with their family has helped create a unique bond in the workplace and strengthen their overall relationships.

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Like numerous businesses, Imperial Cleaners faced setbacks during the pandemic, particularly in staffing qualified candidates. With a population exceeding one million in Nova Scotia, the company needed to expand its horizons beyond provincial borders to locate and hire the right individuals. This expansion introduced challenges related to longer commutes and transportation logistics. However, Imperial Cleaners didn’t allow these hurdles to delay their progress. Instead, the company embraced the difficulties by adopting innovative solutions.

Collaborating with a recruitment agency, they addressed their staffing needs with determination. Beyond this, Imperial Cleaners harnessed the power of social media, leveraging platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to reach and engage potential candidates effectively. A remarkable facet of their approach lies in their custom-designed training program, including a newly crafted training video featuring Chris and Rachael. This program ensures employees acquire the knowledge and confidence required for their roles.

About Our Guest(s):

Chris Cunningham &Amp; Rachael Moir

Chris Cunningham & Rachael Moir

Prior to the pandemic in 2020, Client Employee Relations Manager, Chris Cunningham was working in the marketing/consulting industry. Then businesses shutdown. Chris was able to find a home with Imperial cleaners. He started as a cleaner for the company but within six months they were able to utilize his strengths to transition as a manager.

Chris works alongside Rachael Moir, the HR/ Safety Officer, and Employee Relations for Imperial Cleaners. Rachael understands the family dynamic at Imperial as well as anyone as her parents have founded the company. She also started as a cleaner and risen to her current position.

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