Looking through numerous cleaning apps to find the right one for your business? Make sure whatever you choose has these features. 

As much as we’d like to believe we’re your first choice in cleaning apps, the fact is that there are quite a few to choose from. Moreover, at first glance, many of them offer the same features and benefits, at least to some degree. So, what does that mean for taking the leap and deciding which app is right for you?

Despite that initial similarity, there are some significant differences in cleaning apps. But many of the best apps have some features in common. Here’s what to look for when you invest in janitorial management software for your commercial cleaning company. 

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Cleaning Apps

The 10 features the best commercial cleaning apps all have

1. Made for the cleaning industry. You have numerous apps to choose from if you want to schedule your team or manage timekeeping or even inventory. Many of these apps are well-made and excellent for what they do. However, the commercial cleaning industry isn’t the same as the restaurant industry or the retail industry, or any other industry. The best cleaning apps are those made specifically for the cleaning industry. 

2. Offer support. Implementing new software can be complicated, and some people are less technically savvy than others. But that shouldn’t be a barrier to using the best software for your business. Any janitorial management software you invest in should offer full training and support, so everyone on your team can feel comfortable with the technology. 

3. All-in-one solution. You don’t want to go back and forth among three, four, five, or more apps to handle scheduling, timekeeping, bidding, inventory, workloading, inspections, and all the other aspects of your job. The best cleaning apps let you do it all in one place. 

4. The integrations and exports you need. Whether it’s payroll or quarterly taxes, cleaning apps should integrate easily with other providers to streamline your processes. For example, Janitorial Manager integrates with Quickbooks and exports seamlessly to ADP, Paychex, and others to make HR tasks a breeze. 

5. Regular updates and enhancements. The janitorial industry is continually changing, and your cleaning apps and software should reflect those changes. 

6. Real-time information. With so many moving parts – clients, locations, employees, supplies, etc. – you need accurate information to make the right decisions. That’s why the best cleaning apps offer real-time information. You don’t have to guess where your team is, what tasks they’ve done, or the status of a job. It’s all available with a few clicks. 

7. Real-time communication. Good communication is vital, not just among your employees, but also with your customers. Medical emergencies, broken pipes, flooded basements, and major spills – these are all things that can impact a job. Instant communication with your team and to or from your client can help mitigate the impact of these issues. At the very least, good communication can alert everyone to on-site issues. That’s why it’s so important for the app you choose to include options for people to communicate easily. For example, Janitorial Manager offers JM Connect, which offers location-specific messaging. 

8. Built-in bidding calculator. You want to make the most accurate bids you can without over or underestimating what the job will cost for you in payroll hours and supplies. Similarly, it’s good customer service to share with the client what they can expect to pay for your services without changing your initial bid by much. Cleaning apps with built-in calculators can help you do just that. Plus, you can know precisely what the job will look like from a time and labor perspective, making it that much easier to schedule your team. 

9. Cloud-based software. This is fairly common, yet it’s worth paying attention to. With cloud-based software, you can use your app from any device, anywhere you have an internet connection. Device-based apps don’t give you the same flexibility. 

10. All-inclusive pricing. Once you get your janitorial management system up and running, you shouldn’t have to continually worry about billing every time you want to use a different feature. That can make it nearly impossible to stick to a budget. Use an app that makes your life easy!

Again, we’d love to chat with you about your needs for janitorial management software and cleaning apps, but even if you opt for another company, be sure your app has the features you need to do your job effectively and profitably.

If you’re ready to increase the professionalism of your cleaning operation through better organization, easy access to important data, unparalleled tracking, and more, schedule a call with Janitorial Manager today!