When you head to the classroom, bring these sustainable cleaning tools and help your school save money and the environment.

It’s no secret that sustainability means so much more than reduce, reuse, and recycle. It also means caring about the environment in which we live and work. It means putting a little more thought into how we approach the world. It’s also a fantastic way to save money. When it comes to sustainable cleaning tools, not only will they make a great addition to your classroom supply list but they will allow you to get more for your dollar.

Just in case you’re wondering, these tools are not an excuse to buy more products. One of the critical tenants of sustainability is working with what you have. It’s neither sustainable nor business-savvy to get rid of what you have just to add new sustainable cleaning tools to your janitorial closet. However, it’s good to be informed as you begin thinking ahead for future purchases. The first thing to do before making additional purchases is to examine what you do have and the ways you can be more sustainable in how you handle them.

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Sustainable Cleaning Tools

Sustainable Practices You Can Implement Right Away

The reduce, reuse, and recycle logo is great, but it leaves out one very important part of the cycle: repair. Most of the time, it’s more sustainable (not to mention more economical) to repair what you have on hand. For example, even though a floor machine uses a lot of energy, making repairs and using it until it’s genuinely not functioning is most likely more sustainable than buying a new one. 

In fact, keeping your equipment in good condition helps them run more efficiently and last longer so be sure regular maintenance is on your list. 

Other sustainable practices include correctly mixing cleaning products if you buy them as concentrates rather than ready-to-use. Over-diluting means the product won’t work as well, and under-diluting means you won’t get as much use out of the product as you should. 

Not only are these practices good from a sustainability standpoint, but they will also save you money. It’s a win-win. 

The 5 Best Sustainable Cleaning Tools and Products to Bring to Class

Now that good practices are put in place, when the time comes for replacements, here are the best sustainable cleaning tools and products to look for. It’s important to note there are no regulations around marketing words like green, eco-friendly, natural, or sustainable. To ensure you’re getting what you want, look for products certified by the EPA’s Safer Choice program or the Design for the Environment (DfE) label. You can also look up more than 2,300 items on the list of certified products. Anything from all-purpose cleaners to upholstery cleaners to aircraft cleaning products will be included.

1. Sanitaire QuietClean Backpack Vacuum: The Sanitair backpack vacuum uses a sealed HEPA system and washable filter. Additionally, this vacuum can help your clients maintain LEED certification, thanks to the quiet operation. 

2. Boardwalk EcoMop Looped-End Mop Head: Made of 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, the Boardwalk mop head is one of the workhorses in our list of sustainable cleaning tools. This mop head absorbs four times its weight in water, and the looped ends keep the fibers in shape so you can work without stress.

3. Americo SmartScrub Floor Pad: The SmartScrub floor pad has it all. It’s Green Seal certified, lasts five times as long as traditional floor pads, is designed for wet use, which means less dust and no chemicals, and it’s made with 100% recycled material. 

4. Vapamore MR-750 Ottimo Steam Cleaning System: The Vapamore gets high marks on our sustainable cleaning tools list thanks to its light weight, 3-hour run time on a single fill, and the fact that it cleans with steam – no chemicals necessary! 

5. Bissell Deluxe Turbo Sweeper: With a triple brush system, a 5-gallon container, and side rollers, the Bissell certainly pulls its own weight. But the fact that it doesn’t use electricity makes it one of the best sustainable cleaning tools on the market. 

If you’re working to make your cleaning organization more environmentally friendly, these sustainable cleaning tools can help you reach your goals. No matter what you’re cleaning or where, sustainable options are always worth exploring. They’re good for the earth, and they’re good for business.

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