Your commercial cleaning business has a direct impact on student success by providing a clean learning environment. 

Go to your favorite news website on any day, and you’ll likely find something about education. Test scores, teaching methods, class sizes, and the length of school days are all popular topics. One thing that doesn’t come up as often, however, is the impact a clean learning environment can have on student success. 

We also know there are considerable differences in how well schools are funded, which includes the amount they can spend on janitorial services. That means that some commercial cleaning companies are tasked with doing more with potentially fewer resources. 

Of course, efficient tools can make up some of that difference. We’ll get to that below, but first, how much does your work in schools really matter? 

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Clean Learning Environment

7 Ways a clean learning environment benefits students

1. Improved Attendance. The Environmental Protection Agency points out that there are approximately “14 million missed school days annually nationwide” due to asthma symptoms. A clean learning environment can reduce or eliminate pests, irritants, and allergens that lead to these absences.

2. Reduced Teacher Absenteeism. It’s not only students that are impacted by the indoor environment. A study conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that mold in schools can lead to increased work-related cough, wheezing, sore throat, sneezing and sinus problems, fatigue, headache, runny nose, and other health problems for teachers. When schools are clean and free of mold, teachers and staff remain healthier and can be there for students. 

3. Improved Classroom Performance. According to the EPA, “indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.” However, they also point out that a well-maintained system, in addition to taking advantage of outdoor air, can offer substantial reductions in airborne pollutants. And while you may not be responsible for the care of the entire HVAC system, you can keep vents clean, change air filters, and check intake vents for cleanliness.

4. Fewer Distractions. A study conducted by Brigham Young University found that 88% of students find a lack of cleanliness to be a distraction. A clean learning environment is one in which students can focus and learn. 

5. Healthier Students. In addition to asthma, students miss school when they are sick with the flu, the common cold, and other illnesses. With proper cleaning and disinfecting, you can help reduce these illnesses by eliminating them on frequently touched surfaces like door handles or faucets. 

6. Improved Equipment Lifespan. You don’t need a study to know that regularly cleaned and cared for equipment will last longer. Thanks to your work, all those whiteboards and floor tiles you clean will last much longer.

7. Provides a Mentally Safe Space for Students. A cluttered, dirty space is a tough one to feel secure in. Because things are constantly changing and shifting, sometimes literally, it can be challenging for students to feel settled. A clean learning environment provides the space students need to let their guard down.

The benefits are clear. A clean learning environment leads to reduced student and teacher absences, fewer illnesses, improved classroom performance, longer-lasting equipment, and overall improvements in student mental health. Now, how can you provide these benefits?

Whether you have an abundance of supplies and personnel or you’re working with a tight budget, working efficiently and staying in communication with school staff will help you create an environment where students can thrive. 

Two very simple solutions are QR codes and communications apps. QR codes, like Scan4Clean, make it easy for janitorial staff and school personnel to know when a room was cleaned last and what tasks were performed. They can leave feedback on the cleanliness of a room, while you and your team can track and validate which services were provided. 

At the same time, a communications app, like JM Connect, allows your clients to quickly and easily get in touch with you or your on-site team. Through the app, school staff can reach your team anywhere on the grounds to ask questions, report emergencies, or relay any other information your team might need. 

Both Scan4Clean and JM Connect can help you work more efficiently, which is vitally important if your client has a tight budget. 

Importantly, though, your work is helping students focus and thrive at a time when the challenges in schools can seem daunting.

If you are ready to take your cleaning operation to the next level, schedule a free call with Janitorial Manager to see how our software can make your school’s learning environment clean and safe.