AI cleaning? It’s no longer the future. Find out how you can make this technology work for you in the present.

Unlike AI chat or AI art, AI cleaning won’t give you weird answers or strange images, but it will make your work easier. In fact, you might be using some AI cleaning tools already. 

If you use a chatbot on your website, for example, that’s AI helping you with customer service. Cleaning robots are another example of AI cleaning tools. And even if you don’t currently use AI technology, there’s a good chance you’ve seen them in action in larger grocery stores or websites you visit. 

But how can AI help you manage your work on a daily basis?

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Ai Cleaning

5 Facility management advantages you can enjoy with AI cleaning

1. More consistent cleaning. One of the most significant advantages of AI cleaning robots is the consistency of the work. Once programmed, they will perform the same job over and over. More advanced models will even clean and recharge themselves so they’re ready for the next “shift.”

2. More efficient product usage. There are two ways AI cleaning can help you use your solutions more efficiently. First, since cleaning robots are programmed, they won’t over (or under) use cleaning solutions. In fact, they will use exactly the same amount every single time. That makes tracking and ordering inventory incredibly easy. Secondly, more advanced cleaning robots can actually sense if the floor ahead of them needs more or less cleaning solution based on how dirty the surface is. While this does discount some of the advantages of consistent usage, it does add to the efficient use of your product. 

3. Improved employee wellness. One concern with robotic cleaning technology is that the robots will take jobs currently done by humans. But it doesn’t need to be that drastic. In fact, with AI cleaning technology, employees can have more time to work on detailed tasks that only humans are capable of. For instance, without the worry of keeping floor mopped, employees can focus on things like changing HVAC filters, making sure those high-touch areas get cleaned regularly, and providing excellent customer service to your clients. Additionally, employee wellness can improve when they aren’t engaged in repetitive motions or dealing as often with cleaning solutions, dust, and germs. 

4. Reduced environmental impact. Because of the consistency and efficiency that comes with AI cleaning technology, you can reduce your water usage. Similarly, with reduced product usage comes a decrease in packaging, shipping, and manufacturing, all of which extend the benefits of an eco-friendly approach to cleaning. 

5. Reduced staffing stress. The cleaning industry is notorious for having a high employee turnover rate. And to be honest, every time there’s a gap in the schedule, there’s a lot of stress involved. Who can cover that shift? How much will it cost in overtime? Can another team work short-handed? With tools like cleaning robots, drones, and AI technology, it’s a lot easier to fill those gaps. And while the end results might not be any different for your clients, the process is undoubtedly less stressful on your end.

Should you switch to AI?

That’s not an easy question to answer. Though some AI cleaning technology can make your work more efficient and easier, it can also be expensive. Commercial-grade robotic floor cleaners can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. For a larger organization with extensive floor space, that could potentially make sense. Smaller facilities might have a hard time recouping that kind of cost. 

However, some companies are beginning to roll out subscription models, which can make cleaning robots more accessible. Additionally, there’s more to AI than floor cleaning robots. And more technology is rolling out every day. 

Keep your eye on AI cleaning technology. The benefits for your facility and operations will only grow.

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