Don’t let your grocery store cleaning go stale. Find out how to flavor things up with janitorial software.

There’s no underestimating the impact of grocery store cleaning. People want to buy their food from a store that’s clean and neat. Dusty shelves, stained floors, and sticky check-out counters give the impression that the store isn’t cared for. And by association, it’s easy to think the food and products on the shelf are neglected or not handled as carefully as they should be.

If there’s any place where cleanliness has a direct line to revenue, the grocery store is it. That means store managers and district managers will closely monitor how well your commercial cleaning company gets the job done. 

Grocery store cleaning isn’t entirely straightforward, either. Along with the shelves and sections of dry goods, you have delis, cafes, meat and seafood departments, and bakeries that need to adhere to food safety standards. And some stores also contain banks and pharmacies, which may have their own security requirements. In other words, your typical grocery store often includes a variety of conditions that necessitate a high degree of organization. Enter janitorial software.

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Grocery Store Cleaning

Your grocery store cleaning is about to get easier

How can janitorial software help improve your grocery store cleaning process? Let us count the ways!

1. Checklists. Of course, you can use a written checklist just like you might for a retail shop or an office. But a digital checklist is essential in grocery store cleaning. If you think about the various tasks involved, from restocking restrooms to cleaning the filters on coolers to degreasing stovetop exhaust fans, there are numerous things to keep track of. Further, you don’t have to perform each task every day. Some tasks might be weekly, while others are monthly. With janitorial software, you can easily stay on track with your checklist. Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to add or subtract items from a digital list than it is to chase down paper lists and alter them. 

2. Equipment maintenance. Because many grocery stores have so much floor and surface space, and substantial foot traffic, it’s easy to put a lot of hours on your equipment. That makes your equipment maintenance schedule especially important. You really don’t want your equipment to break down when you’re looking at 40,000 square feet of space to clean. With janitorial software, you can easily keep a record of your maintenance schedule and plan ahead for any disruptions.

3. Supply tracking. In addition to your equipment, your supplies are essential to cleaning. And when you’re working in spaces as large as grocery stores, you can go through supplies quickly. When you use janitorial software to track your supply inventory and usage, you can ensure that you place orders for refills in a timely manner. Over time you can even plan ahead for seasonal changes in the amount of supplies you use, making it even easier to plan. 

4. Improved communication. Because grocery store cleaning encompasses so many different tasks, communication is vitally important. It’s all too easy for potentially dangerous mistakes to happen without good communication between employees and between your team and your customers. Janitorial software can improve that communication. For example, Janitorial Manager has a built-in mobile app called JM Connect that includes location and customer messaging. Apps like this also allow your clients to send requests or update your team with important information. 

5. More accurate timekeeping. Because grocery stores have so many departments and different tasks, it’s not uncommon to overestimate or underestimate how long a job may take. With janitorial software, however, you can track times for individual tasks or sections of the store and determine how accurate (or not) your original estimate was. This allows you to adjust your schedule and move people as needed for a more efficient and effective approach to grocery store cleaning. 

6. Better deployment of your team. Along with more accurate timekeeping, janitorial software can help you deploy your team more effectively. This is about more than just how many people are working at the store; it’s also about people doing the jobs they’re best at. 

7. Improved food safety. Food safety is a big part of grocery store cleaning. With software like Janitorial Manager, you can note any specific requirements related to food safety. For example, you may need a specific cleaner or longer dwell times for sanitizing food prep surfaces. Note these particulars in your checklist and you don’t have to worry that your team will forget. 

There are other ways janitorial software like Janitorial Manager can help you operate your commercial cleaning business more efficiently. These grocery store cleaning benefits are just the beginning.

Harness the value of Janitorial Manager to streamline your cleaning operation like never before. Learn more today with a discovery call and find out how to make your cleaning operation more efficient and cost effective!