Do you know where your carpet extractor is right now? Find out how a cleaning equipment tracking system can help you stay in the know. 

You spend a lot of money on your commercial cleaning equipment. Carpet extractors, steam cleaners, backpack vacuums, floor scrubbers, pressure washers… the list goes on. Not only that, but the list also adds up. You could easily have thousands of dollars worth of equipment out in the field right now. That’s why a cleaning equipment tracking system is so vital. 

Your team is busy. They move equipment from location to location. They focus on their job, and do their best to keep everything secure. But we also know how easy it can be to accidentally leave a piece of equipment behind when you’re hurrying from one job to the next. 

Unfortunately, we also know that it only takes a few seconds for an ill-intentioned person to walk off with an expensive piece of equipment. And even though we don’t want to think about employee theft, there’s always a possibility that employees may decide to steal equipment, thinking it’s easy money if they can sell it. 

There was a time when you were pretty much out of luck if your equipment was stolen. And even if you left equipment out accidentally, you might never see it again. However, with a cleaning equipment tracking system, you’ll always know where your equipment is. 

That alone is a good reason to install a tracking system, but there are so many more ways you can use tracking to your advantage. Here are just a few ways a cleaning equipment tracking system can help your company. 

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Equipment Tracking System

5 Reasons to adopt a cleaning equipment tracking system today

First, what is an equipment tracking system? There are probably few surprises here. A tracking system is generally a GPS after-market add-on that you install on your equipment. Some attach with strong magnets, while others are installed more permanently. Then you can use features such as geofencing or regular GPS to monitor the location of your equipment. Now then, what are the reasons to install them?

1. Prevents theft. While an equipment tracking system can help you find missing or stolen equipment, these systems can also help prevent theft in the first place. For example, if you do have an untrustworthy employee, they’ll be much less likely to wander off with an expensive floor buffer when they know you can track its location. Similarly, you can add stickers to your equipment stating that you have GPS monitoring, thereby deterring theft from other sources. 

2. Understand usage. While you may have a good idea how often any given piece of equipment gets used, tracking can help you verify your assumptions. For equipment that’s continually moving from one place to another, that could be an indication that it’s worth investing in another of the same piece. 

3. Improve your maintenance schedule. Along with how often your equipment is used, a tracking system can also help you improve your maintenance schedule. More movement may indicate increasing the maintenance schedule, while less movement may indicate you can reduce the amount of maintenance you perform on your equipment. 

4. Verify task completion. You have several ways to verify that janitorial tasks are correctly completed. From inspections to QR code checklists, it’s possible to get a good look at how busy your team is. But when you have an equipment tracking system, you have yet another way to verify that tasks are done, since you can see that the necessary equipment is on location. 

5. Know your availability. Emergencies can pop up at any time. If you have to track down, say, your best wet vac for a customer with a burst water pipe, that takes time. You have to make several calls or even go in person to different locations to find the equipment you want. With an equipment tracking system, it’s just a matter of locating the item with GPS. Save hours of time and help your customers more quickly, possibly preventing issues with property damage. 

Will equipment tracking solve all of your problems? No. Will it make your company more efficient and profitable? Yes. Tracking systems aren’t necessarily expensive. Plus, they help you keep up with your equipment. Don’t worry about whether your new equipment is where it’s supposed to be. Check out your tracking app and find out exactly where it is.

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