A little focus on workspace efficiency can lead to big results. Here’s how you can do more with what you have.

Workspace efficiency is easy to define in some jobs. For a cook, it means sharp knives, handy ingredients, and easily reachable ovens and cooktops. For an office worker, workspace efficiency means you have pens, pencils, and paper nearby; your printer is close to your desk; and your computer is charged and ergonomically situated. 

But what does workspace efficiency mean when you work in multiple locations? Building service contractors, janitors, and people in similar professions are continually moving. Whether working in multiple rooms and spaces within one facility or several different locations, setting up your workspace to be as efficient as possible requires some strategic thinking. 

There may be a few more steps involved, but it’s still entirely possible to maximize the efficiency of your workspace. Can you magically make all the floors clear so they’re easy to mop? No. But you can make changes to help you and your team move more quickly through spaces. 

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Workspace Efficiency

6 Ways you can take your workspace efficiency to pro levels

As a commercial cleaner, you have at least two potential workspace situations. You either travel to your locations with your supplies and equipment, or for larger, more regular clients, you may have dedicated storage space. 

In both situations, you can maximize your workspace efficiency, though the details might be a little different. And, of course, feel free to adapt these ideas to your specific environment. 

1. Use a color-coded system. We’ve written about color-coded systems before, which you can read here. That basic premise is that you have certain colors that correspond to particular rooms or surfaces. For example, green cloths are reserved for food prep surfaces, such as breakroom counters or cafeteria platforms. Red might be for cleaning restrooms. This can help you maximize your workspace efficiency because your team can use fewer cloths and spend less time trying to remember which cloth they used where. 

2. Switch to microfiber. Microfiber picks up more dust, dirt, and bacteria than similar-sized cotton cloths. Microfiber is also more absorbent than cotton. And while the up-front cost is a little higher, when properly cared for, microfiber can last much longer. 

3. Clear the chaos. A chaotic environment is a sure way to ruin any workspace efficiency goals. Chaos comes from many sources, whether that’s a disorganized storage closet, poor scheduling, miscommunication, or inconsistent task checklists. Anything that causes confusion or forces your team to spend extra time on something hinders efficiency. Walk through a facility with your team and talk to them. Find out where they’re having trouble and see what you can do to make things easier. 

4. Keep your inventory just right. You don’t want to run out of your cleaning supplies or products. You already know that. And you know that conducting regular inventories and tracking product usage can help you ensure everything you need is in stock. But did you know too much inventory can also slow your team down? Overflowing shelves and stacks of boxes make it difficult to get to the items you need. There may be times when this is unavoidable, such as several big events or jobs on the calendar that you need extra supplies for. But whenever you can help it, try to keep things streamlined and manageable. 

5. Label everything. When you have boxes on shelves, it’s not always clear what’s in those boxes. However, if everything is labeled, you can more easily and more quickly find what you want. Similarly, whenever you get an order of supplies and cleaning products, you know exactly where they go. Another tip that goes along with labeling is to write on the boxes what’s in them. This is especially helpful if you consolidate items to save on space. 

6. Use janitorial software. One of the greatest improvements to workspace efficiency is a tool like janitorial software. You can digitize your records, which helps eliminate the clutter of paper. Software like Janitorial Manager can help with tracking supplies, employee timekeeping, workloading, checklists, and even communication. And it’s all digitial. You don’t need to carry around folders of bids, payroll information, or anything other than your phone or laptop. 

Efficiency isn’t some mysterious destination that will automatically make everything perfect. It’s an ongoing process. Even so, each step in that direction will help improve the way you work and how your commercial cleaning company functions.

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