A commercial cleaning walk-through checklist is the best way to begin a new client relationship.

People use checklists every day as a way to remember tasks and keep themselves organized. They’re an excellent way to ensure quality and consistency at home and on the job. Lists also come in handy for janitorial companies seeking to produce persuasive commercial cleaning proposals. Unlike residential customers, it can be challenging to woo commercial clients with discounts or flashy marketing campaigns. It can be a significant change for businesses to switch vendors, especially cleaning companies.

When a company is looking to hire a new vendor, they usually spend a great deal of effort to ensure they find the right fit. One or more people will spend time gathering quotes from an array of businesses. They will evaluate expenses as well as the vendor’s ability to meet their janitorial needs. Because you’re likely to be up against multiple other cleaning businesses, you want to be sure your company’s offer stands out above the rest. By using a commercial cleaning walk-through checklist you can be sure your team gathers all the data you need to design a convincing proposal. 

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Commercial Cleaning Walk Through Checklist

Five advantages of using a commercial cleaning walk-through checklist to impress new clients

1. Accurately assess labor requirements

One significant part of creating an effective commercial cleaning proposal is calculating labor costs. You want to offer competitive pricing, but you still need to make sure your rates can cover payroll, and of course, profits, too. An initial walkthrough is the only way to get an accurate picture of what a client’s rates should be. By implementing the use of a walk-through checklist, employees can assess rates efficiently and consistently.

There are many factors in calculating the actual cost of janitorial labor. Include spots to write down facility measurements, cleaning frequency, and the amount of time it takes to get to the facility from your office. List the cleaning packages you offer, but also make room for unique requests or facility requirements. Another great benefit of using a list to evaluate labor costs is that even inexperienced workers can help you determine accurate pricing. 

2. Identify necessary supplies and tools for the job

Another essential part of a janitorial walk-through is determining which supplies and tools you’ll need to serve new clients. Pricing can vary depending on a number of conditions, and one small distraction can result in forgotten topics. A commercial cleaning walk-through checklist can help your team remember to ask all the important questions. Does the client provide their own cleaning solutions or paper products? Do they prefer environmentally friendly cleaning solutions or recycled paper goods? What about personal protective equipment your team may need to work safely in their facilities? No detail is too small when it comes to maintaining quality performance and client satisfaction.

3. Distinguish the client’s janitorial preferences and concerns

Even when you work with new clients from the same type of industry, each one has their own set of janitorial preferences and concerns. Walk-throughs are the best way to get to know a new client and identify their anxieties about hiring a different cleaning company. By using a commercial cleaning walk-through checklist, you can easily monitor customer preferences without the risk of forgetting essential issues.

A list might not seem like a tool that can make a big impact, but if it comes down to one company that uses a checklist to gather data, and one that goes by memory, which one do you think will impress the client more? Be sure to discuss everything from their budget limitations to security concerns and even specialty requests. When it’s time to develop their janitorial proposal, you can include details about how your company can meet (or even exceed) their needs. 

4. Improve future training initiatives

Education is critical to janitorial success, but it’s only beneficial if you pick the right topics. There are endless training points to choose from, so it can sometimes feel overwhelming to decide what to discuss. Thankfully, new client walk-throughs can take the stress out of planning future training, especially when you use a commercial cleaning walk-through checklist.

Commercial clients tend to have more hazards than residential cleaning jobs. A list can help you remember safety risks so you can adequately prepare your cleaners. Commercial locations may also require the use of heavy machinery. By identifying the tools you’ll need for the job, you can make sure your team knows how to operate and maintain them. Instead of randomly choosing training topics, you can focus on issues that are pertinent to your team.

5. Show new clients you care about quality

A janitorial walk-through is usually the first time you will meet a new potential client, so it’s essential to make a positive first impression. You want the client to see that you’re friendly, professional, and organized, and that you’re confident your cleaning company is the best one for the job. A walk-through checklist will help create processes that ensure the success of every new client walk-through by guaranteeing the discussion of every critical topic. As you walk through and talk about each subject, you can use your checklist to take notes. If they decide to accept your proposal, you’ll have all the information you need to provide quality service as soon as the very first day. 

Checklists help with client retention

Once a new client accepts your janitorial proposal, it’s time to focus on customer retention and overall satisfaction. Loyal customers are not only profitable, but they are more likely to give you positive recommendations and online reviews. By performing regular on-site inspections, you can monitor employees to ensure they’re completing tasks up to the client’s (and your organization’s) standards. You can quickly identify insufficiencies before they become a damaging customer service ordeal. With Janitorial Manager software, you’ll have access to an easy-to-use Inspections App that lets you create and save custom lists for each location you manage. Inspectors can also grade each completed task so you can effectively monitor employee accountability.

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