Your janitorial crew leader can make a huge difference in how loyal your team is 

We’ve mentioned the importance of commercial cleaning business owners showing appreciation for their staff. But did you know there are also benefits to your janitorial crew leader offering praise and appreciation?

That might not seem as effective as the business owner telling employees how much they are appreciated. After all, a janitorial crew leader usually isn’t the person signing paychecks. And though they may have some say in things like promotions or schedules, they aren’t the final word on things. 

However, that assumption ignores the very real fact that your employees probably work much more closely with their team leader than with you as a business owner. That’s especially true for growing commercial cleaning businesses. You may have several teams, and your employees work directly with team leaders every shift. 

Depending on your business setup, that janitorial crew leader is the first point of contact for schedule requests, payroll questions, concerns about operations, and so on. In short, there’s a special relationship between employees and crew leaders. And that means there are some very good reasons for team leaders to show appreciation. 

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5 Things that happen when your janitorial crew leader shows appreciation for the team

1. Improved morale. Let’s not kid ourselves on the importance of morale. Good morale is the key to so many of the other benefits listed here. Good morale means employees show up ready to work, ready to do a good job, interact with your customers, and generally represent your cleaning business in a positive way. You can’t force good morale, but you can encourage it by treating people well. 

2. Improved customer service. Study after study shows that when employees are happy and feel respected, the customer wins. But you don’t really need a study to understand this. It’s only natural that when you and your janitorial crew leader appreciate your team, they are, in turn, more inclined to appreciate your customers. 

3. Better communication. Good communication is essential for any business. At the same time, there are far too many instances where communication is punished rather than rewarded. Employees get ignored when they mention a potential safety issue. Supervisors fear retribution when they share concerns with their bosses. Soon, people stop communicating about anything at all because it’s not worth the trouble. You can tell pretty quickly where that goes. No one mentions that cleaning supplies are running low or that a customer has a concern. However, when you and your team leaders create an atmosphere of appreciation, good communication can thrive. 

4. Improved efficiency. Most people want to do a good job, and it’s easier to do that when they feel like the work is appreciated. To put this in perspective, are you more likely to go out of your way to accommodate a customer who is appreciative and often refers work to you? Or do you find that you put in extra effort for customers who continually complain or find problems with your work? It’s not hard to see that a janitorial crew leader who supports and compliments the team is going to get better results. 

5. Stronger team. All of these benefits are connected, really. When your team knows their efforts are appreciated, they’re going to work better individually and as a group. That cohesion isn’t something that you can plan. It happens naturally as people work together. 

3 Easy ideas for showing staff appreciation

While your janitorial crew leader might have limitations in what they can offer in the way of staff appreciation, they do still have options. 

1. Say thank you. It’s simple and easy to thank someone for a job well done, for showing up with a good attitude, or filling in for someone sick. 

2. Trust them to do the work. You have inspections, of course, but your crew leader should feel comfortable trusting your team to get the job done. They will work better (and feel appreciated) without someone looking over their shoulder. 

3. Ask their opinion. If you test out new equipment or strategies, ask your janitorial crew leader to canvas their team for their thoughts. People like to have a say in how their work environment functions. Even if you ultimately opt to go against their opinions, simply having that input is a great way to show trust and express appreciation. 

Ultimately, staff appreciation is about creating an environment of respect and transparency. Do that, and the benefits to your business will follow.

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