Don’t miss out on the benefits of using janitorial software when you’re cleaning assisted living facilities. 

When your team is cleaning assisted living facilities, there’s a lot to consider. You’re working with a potentially immunocompromised population in a setting that includes communal spaces, a commercial kitchen or two, and medical equipment. These facilities blend the challenges of cleaning restaurants, medical offices, public spaces, and housecleaning into one.

At the same time, cleaning assisted living facilities is rewarding on a personal level. It’s also a lucrative business move. With a high demand for excellent cleaning services, these facilities offer long-term, steady work for commercial cleaners. 

The job itself requires quite a bit of attention to detail. You need to follow best practices for disinfection and be aware of food safety issues. You need to consider how you’ll approach situations that might involve bodily fluids or other sensitive conditions. And these facilities can also be active places, with social events, lots of visitors, and the movement of people living and working there. 

That’s why janitorial software is such an essential part of your work. It helps you and your team stay on track and keep everything in order. Here are some of the benefits janitorial software can offer your team.

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Cleaning Assisted Living Facilities

Find out how to make cleaning assisted living facilities easier than ever

What are some of the ways janitorial software can help your team? What are the benefits of using software vs. pen and paper? Here’s what you can look forward to. 

1. Easier to keep up with checklists. In an active facility, checklists can change daily. Event rooms might not get used each day, or bad weather might leave the floors messier than usual. Janitorial software makes it easier to stay on top of these changes, thanks to real-time updates.

2. Never run out of cleaning products. Similar to the evolving checklist, your cleaning products are at least somewhat subject to the flow of activity. Big events, wet weather, or a busy family weekend might necessitate additional cleaning. With janitorial software, you can run reports and track inventory to ensure you always have the products you need. 

3. Work more efficiently. It’s easy to duplicate efforts when you’re cleaning assisted living facilities. With so much going on in what may be a large space, your team can easily clean a space that someone else already took care of. But when you use janitorial software, QR codes and real-time checklists let you and your team know the status of each room. 

4. Better customer service. Things come up, and sometimes, the facility manager needs to reach you or your team. Rather than texting back and forth or trying to track down someone on-site, janitorial software like Janitorial Manager offers location-based messaging. 

5. Saves you time. Scheduling around the varying needs of an assisted living facility can take time. Lots of time. It’s a puzzle that changes every time you put a new piece in place. But with janitorial software, you can adjust your schedule as needed while still understanding the entire puzzle. 

6. Easier inspections. Janitorial inspections are always necessary. However, they can be especially important when you’re working with an older population who may have additional health or mobility issues. With janitorial software, you can upload pictures and reports, track progress with location-based inspection histories, and ensure you and your team are providing the best quality service you can. 

7. Better record keeping. Though each state and locality is different, some assisted living facilities may be required to keep records of any janitorial and maintenance work. Janitorial software makes this task simple and easy, with robust reporting features. This makes it easy should you ever be asked to supply a record of your work. 

While cleaning assisted living facilities does take some extra attention, the rewards are great. You have happy customers, long-term contracts, and the benefit of knowing your work is appreciated. 

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