Here’s how cleaning business software can help you attain greater efficiency, achieve more effectiveness, and look like a genius in front of your clients.

Studies project that the global cleaning services market will reach $74 billion within the next 3 years. Blah, blah, you already know this. You wouldn’t have gotten into the business if you weren’t convinced that the opportunity was huge. The increase in construction, dual-income families, disposable income and an explosive US economy all influence this projected growth. Lots of new business is great, but it also means increased competition for cleaning service providers. How are you going to stand out from the crowd? As more and more service providers enter the market, what is going to motivate a client to select your company?

We live in a world where technology is advancing at a blistering pace. While I don’t advocate being the early adopter on everything that rolls out, there are proven technologies that can greatly benefit your organization. One of those is business software specifically designed for the cleaning industry.

The following is a list of real improvements you can make today with business software that will make you look like a genius to your customers.

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Staying on Top

Have you ever been a little jealous of people who just seem to always have it together? No matter the situation or how chaotic life is, they are always perfectly calm, always have the right answer and always confidently know what to do. 

It has been estimated that we make around 35,000 conscious decisions each day. If we make that many decisions in a day, imagine how many data points that would require! What if your data is bad? What if it’s a critical decision and your data is inaccurate or incomplete? 

Have you ever been caught off guard when a customer asks you a question? How often do you have to tell someone that you will get back to them with an answer? When you have to make a decision, do you ever wish that you had more information?

When you implement the right cleaning business software with a mobile platform, all that information is at your fingertips. 

Always having the right information at your fingertips makes you look like a genius!

Where Are Your People, Right Now?

Ever have an employee say they were on the job only to find out later that they were actually at the beach? Or on their couch? Or at the casino? Down by the river taking a nap?

These days there is no reason to be in the dark. You can know the exact location of your team in real-time and how long they spend onsite without having to visit each location in person.

When an employee calls out or doesn’t show up, how long does it take you to figure out who is available to cover? What if you could pull out your phone and in seconds see the schedule and a map with the locations of employees nearby? Within moments you can identify the right employee to cover the shift, message them, get confirmation that they will cover and give them any necessary instructions all from the same app. The time saved and increased efficiency is substantial and will make you look like a genius!


Remote Clock In

Are your employees clocking in on the honor system? Do they have to come by your office before going to the job site to manually punch in? Are you still paying by the job because it seems easier?

What if you could ensure that employees actually arrive onsite, clock in on time and don’t clock in for someone else?

With the right mobile timekeeping app, employees not only have to be on location, but they have to be within a predefined “geo-fence” to be able to clock in. Furthermore, a really good system will use biometrics like facial recognition to ensure that the right employee is clocking in.

With preset late clock-in and early clock-out alerts, you will always be confident that your accounts are being serviced on schedule and you will be able to respond quickly when something goes wrong. 

Scheduling With Cleaning Business Software

Do you remember back in the day when we all walked around with big planner binders? We lived and died by those calendars! I don’t know how many Franklin planners I went through over the years. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the best system I could find to make sure that I stayed on schedule and remembered the tasks, meetings, and projects I had to get done.

While a paper calendar or planner is better than nothing, it is widely insufficient today. There is no backup. I can’t invite someone else to a meeting by clicking on my calendar. There is no connectivity between the planner and any other system. Changes to entries get messy. A planner is not scalable. 

The traditional paper planner is simply inefficient and ineffective in the digital world.


Effective Communication

I almost started this section with “communication is critical,” but these days that is an insufficient statement. We are constantly barraged with communication and most of it is worthless or, at least, ineffective. In a world of texting, instant messaging, Snapchats, tweets and emojis, there is probably much more misunderstanding and miscommunication than anything else.

Effective communication is critical to having a mutually satisfying and lasting relationship with your customers. Understanding the needs and goals of your customers puts both parties on the same page and allows you to deliver.

There are myriad means of potential communication with clients and employees, however, if you have to search through thousands of emails, texts and phone messages to find the information you need, you are not operating effectively or efficiently. 

Well-designed cleaning business software platforms allow you to communicate with clients and employees in one place and capture all that communication in case you need it later. They enable you to give detailed instructions to employees (which they can access any time). Facility cleaning software also provides a mechanism to send messages to individual employees or teams about changes or special requirements. Employees can communicate issues to managers in real-time and receive instructions on how to correct them. Systems like this promote communication that is fast, thorough and well informed.

Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness

Business process automation reduces the amount of time needed to complete a task. That should be enough to make the decision right there. Time is money. Everything you do takes time and costs money. Reducing the amount of time required to complete a task automatically saves you money, but it also allows you the option to pay greater attention, to focus your effort and do an even better job, thus improving effectiveness and quality. Reducing costs while simultaneously improving the quality of your services makes you more competitive all the way around.

Serve Your Clients More Effectively!

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