Is it time to update your janitorial workloading software? Here’s what to look for when you need software that can keep up with your business.

Your commercial cleaning business is growing. You’re bidding on bigger jobs, hiring people, and working to streamline your processes so you can secure your business for the future. There’s just one thing missing: janitorial workloading software that has the features you need for these detailed jobs.

Whether you currently use a pen and paper, a good old-fashioned spreadsheet, or general business software, you’ve likely reached the limits of what you can do with them. Those approaches can work when you’re starting out and there aren’t many details to keep up with. But as your business grows, you need something more powerful.

More than just powerful software, though, you want something that will save you time. More detailed bids require you to track more floor space, more payroll hours, and more products and supplies, not to mention tasks, schedules, and invoices. Add to that the fact that either you or your customer may ask for changes and variations on bids and quotes, and you can see how easy it is for something to fall through the cracks or get miscalculated.

That brings us to the question of how to find janitorial workloading software that’s adaptable and detailed enough to handle a variety of bids and situations.

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Janitorial Workloading Software

How janitorial workloading software can help you

Yes, janitorial workloading software can make things easier. But isn’t it good enough that you can estimate your needs based on floor space, the type of tasks required, and your overhead? With experience, you might be able to make a decent guess.

However. Your clients and potential clients aren’t interested in guesses. They have accountants and a budget that thrive on details. They want to know how many people are on your team, how many hours the job will require, and what supplies you plan to use.

They may want to run different numbers, such as the price to have you come in five days per week instead of six. They may be interested in comparing the expenses of different paper products. If there’s a variable, your clients may ask about it.

There’s a certain amount of professionalism that your clients expect. And by giving them a detailed, itemized look at what they are paying for, you stand out as someone they can trust. Think of it in terms of your mechanic. You get an itemized receipt even just replacing your tires. There’s the cost of the tires, the hourly labor cost, the time, and then your total labor cost. You’ll see the fee for balancing the tires, along with the price for the alignment. Depending on where you live, they have disposal fees, environmental fees, and taxes. You know exactly what you’re paying for.

The same is true for your clients. And with janitorial workloading software, you can give your clients what they want with just a few clicks.

But high-quality janitorial workloading software isn’t just a nice-to-have for your clients. It helps you, too. For example, what do your expenses and workloading look like if you alter the number of staff you have on site? What is your actual profit margin if you change from cleaning solution A to solution B?

Or what if you underestimate the cost of a job? You can cut into your profit margin pretty quickly if you don’t charge enough. At the same time, you don’t want to overcharge, or you’ll never win a bid.

With bidding and workloading software, you can easily look at all the variables. That means you know exactly how much a job will cost, and what you need to charge to make a profit.

What to look for when you need help

So you’ve determined that janitorial workloading software will benefit your business. Now how do you find the right software for your business? Here are a few things to look for.

Built-in ISSA templates. The ISSA work loading and bidding tool offers industry-accepted time and task standards for janitorial and building services trades. Enter the square footage of a space, along with the type of room and tasks to include, and you can immediately see an overview of the job.

Customizable templates. As helpful as the ISSA templates are, sometimes you need to customize your numbers. The best janitorial workloading software offers you the option to do just that. For example, Janitorial Manager’s built-in calculator let’s you determine bids and workloading based on several factors such as expenses or profit margins.

Mobile-friendly. It’s not always easy or quick to get back to the office to run your numbers and determine what a final bid looks like. Meanwhile, your prospects may well be getting bids from other people. Why take that chance? With mobile-friendly software, you can save yourself time and improve your customer service. Give your prospect a commercial cleaning proposal before you leave the site.

Excellent customer service. You want to provide your clients with the best service possible. Your software company should do the same for you. Look for a service that offers robust onboarding, a user-friendly interface, and an easy way to get in touch.

Of course, when it’s all said and done, any software should help you save time and money. The right janitorial workloading software can do that and more.

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