Use this advice for all your cleaning inspections and keep your business reputation spotless.

You know that your clients’ spaces aren’t as clean as they could be, especially during your initial cleaning inspections. You pick out every dirty detail as you walk through, noting areas that don’t look like they’ve been cleaned since payphones were still on every corner. You’re not being mean; that’s your job. To craft a personalized quote, you need to familiarize yourself with a client’s space.

But there’s a difference between a cursory inspection and one that’s effective, especially after you’ve gotten comfortable in a client’s space. It’s human nature to lower your expectations once you become more familiar with an area. You stop noticing the little things that make a big difference in how clean a space really is.

If you want to stand out in the janitorial industry, your inspections need to stay consistent and thorough. This process doesn’t just make your job easier; it also puts your clients at ease. If you have the drive to upgrade your cleaning inspections continually, your business will only see more success.

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Cleaning Inspections

Don’t overlook the importance of a thorough cleaning inspection

Before you step onto a client’s property, you can’t be sure what kind of space you’re walking into. Could there be an infestation near the boiler room? How do the bathrooms look? Will you need any unique tools or specialists on the job?

A cleaning inspection lets you know what your team’s workload will look like. Similarly, these inspections make it easier for you to provide potential clients with accurate quotes, as you can account for any unique items you may need by clarifying that specialty alongside your standard services.

Comprehensive cleaning inspections aren’t just for your team, though. They also send a message to your clients. If you take the time to look over a client’s space with a keen eye for damage or areas that may need special attention, then a client knows that you take your job seriously.

In this, your cleaning inspection becomes more than just part of your job. You can also use it as a marketing technique. The more effective your inspection process is, the more likely your clients will share your name with their peers. If you develop a reputation for care throughout your industry, you can start to take on more clients.

Tips and tricks for better cleaning inspections

It’s one thing to emphasize the importance of a flexible cleaning inspection. It’s another to integrate natural change into the inspection process. But the more you make a point to improve your technique, the better that process will serve you.

With that in mind, some of the easiest ways to take your cleaning inspections to the next level include:

Choose your inspection type

Make a note of the kinds of inspections your business tends to favor. For example, does your team prefer a visual inspection, or do you have fluorescent chemicals on hand to reveal deeper stains? Each of your client inspections should be thorough, but you can also customize them to your client’s needs. With that in mind, have a few different inspection checklists on hand. Then, as you get to know a client better, you can transition from a hyper-comprehensive inspection to one that takes your previous work into account and that’s more in-tune with their needs.

Assess your rating system

Most janitorial businesses provide a letter or percentage grade alongside their completed inspections. If you want to improve your inspection process, be prepared to alter this rating system as your business grows.

For starters, you can break down your rating system by room. Give each part of your client’s property its own grade, then provide a cumulative property assessment at the end of your report. 

Be sure to remind clients, too, that these grades are not a reflection of their property’s values. Instead, your team’s job is to improve that grade. When you frame your rating system as a services display, even lower grades may make clients more comfortable with your services.

Determine inspection frequency early on

Different clients have different needs. Consequently, some clients may benefit from more frequent cleaning inspections. While an initial inspection is somewhat universal, additional inspections after substantial work reassure your clients while letting you keep a close eye on your team.

For example, clients who work alongside dangerous substances may benefit from more frequent inspections more so than those working in cubicles. Clients who’ve faced infestations or undergone recent remodeling projects may also appreciate your team keeping a closer eye on their property.

Regular cleaning inspections of client properties make your job simpler. When you know what kind of property you’re stepping onto, you’ll be able to bring the right tools, cleaners, and specialists for the job. 

What’s more, a thorough cleaning inspection lets clients know that you’re serious about the job you do. As you strive to improve your inspection process, you’ll only increase your marketing range.

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