Determining how to implement new software is one thing. Getting your janitorial team to use it is another issue altogether. 

Figuring out how to implement new software can be an exciting experience. Ideally, this software will make your administrative work more organized, streamline scheduling, and even help with communication about things like supply shortages or maintenance. 

However, as much promise as your new software may hold, the real trick is in getting your janitorial team to adopt and use it. That’s understandable. Some common sayings hint at how much we as a society don’t always like to try new things. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” “Leave well enough alone.” 

Often, there’s a fear that any new thing, whether software, policy, or equipment, will make work more challenging. Really, this is one of the biggest obstacles in determining how to implement new software. Your team has a routine; they have a system, and potentially disrupting that system may not seem to come with any benefits. 

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How To Implement New Software

How to implement new software in a way that your team will embrace

The question of how to implement new software in your commercial cleaning business is part technical and part psychological. Usually, you have help with the technical aspect. At Janitorial Manager, we walk you through the entire process, step by step, so you feel confident in putting your new system to work. And we’re here to answer any questions and offer guidance while you get comfortable with the software. 

Still, whether it’s Janitorial Manager or any other software, you want your team to embrace the change, as well. They’ll use the software to fill out checklists, clock in and out, and communicate. Even so, that can be a significant change if you’re upgrading from paper checklists or emailed schedules. 

The situation is better than it may sound, at first, though. Because just like you were excited as you thought about how to implement new software, your team can be, too. 

1. Do your homework. There are a lot of options when it comes to janitorial software. Some of them are excellent choices. Some are not. Certainly, we hope you will choose Janitorial Manager. However, even if you opt for another software, there are several things you want to consider. You can read more about choosing the right janitorial software here and here. In the meantime, though, be sure to look around and find software that will help you get the job done. 

2. Start with the benefits. While there are plenty of benefits for commercial cleaning business owners and supervisors to adopt new janitorial software, there are benefits for your team, as well. 

  • Task lists are easier to manage
  • Communication and translation are available in multiple languages, so your team can communicate no matter what their first language is
  • Timesheets are accurate and accessible
  • Easy clock-in and clock-out
  • Jobs can be more evenly distributed

3. Train your team. Just like you would with new equipment or a new cleaning protocol, you need to train your team as part of your strategy on how to implement new software. It may take longer with software than it would with a color-coded cleaning system, for example. Still, if you want your team to use the software, you have to take the time to train them. During this training, remind them of the benefits. 

4. Make it unavoidable. A quick word here. Making new software unavoidable is not about penalizing someone for not using it. It’s not about micromanaging. It’s about making important parts of the work only available through the software. Clocking in and out, for example, would be something everyone would need and want to access. Task lists and checklists also fall into this category, but there’s no question that your team will want to clock in. 

5. Take your time. If you can, do a slower rollout of your new software. Give your team plenty of notice, and don’t spring this on them when they walk in for a shift one day. Training is part of this, as is sharing the benefits. But don’t make it unavoidable right away. Advanced notice is helpful, as it gives your team the time to mentally prepare for a big change. For that matter, you might even consider talking to them before you commit to something. Get their opinions and find out what would help them in their daily tasks. 

Figuring out how to implement new software doesn’t have to be the challenge that we sometimes fear it can be. Keep your team in the know, and they’ll be much more likely to join you in celebrating technology that will make life easier.

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