Not all websites are created equal. Here are 3 ways to improve the commercial cleaning leads you get from your web traffic.

You’ve spent the time and money to build a fantastic commercial cleaning services website. You’ve included all the important pieces of content and you have a sophisticated design that gets people “thinking clean.” Everything appears to be in order except for one thing: you’re not getting the commercial cleaning leads you’d expected.

It’s unfortunate, but true. A great website alone won’t automatically send leads your way. If there’s no (easy) way or reason for them to connect with you, generation of commercial cleaning leads may turn out to be suboptimal, even if you’ve had heavy web traffic. You’ve accomplished the hard work of getting your audience to your site; now you have to get them to connect.

So how do you passively solicit would-be customers through your website? Won’t companies that need cleaning services just inquire? Sometimes, that’s true. But many commercial cleaning leads arise because you’ve done something to pique their curiosity, or because you’ve made it so easy to connect, they figure they’ve got nothing to lose.

Commercial Cleaning Leads

3 Ways to get commercial cleaning leads knocking on your door

1. Create interest

If you want more commercial cleaning leads from your website, you have to generate interest in your business beyond just the need for cleaning services. Outline on your site the types of services you offer. Different services do this different ways. Some have a bulleted list on the homepage, which may be enough for your needs. Others have separate pages for each service, which is great for Google searches, but maybe a little overwhelming at the same time. Whichever direction you choose, be mindful of how much information you present. You don’t want to be too vague, but you also don’t want to overdo it.

2. Offer a quote

Another way to generate interest is to provide a free initial quote for cleaning services. Those who are curious can fill out a simple online form, and within 24 hours, someone will get back to them with a rough estimate. Boom, you’ve just connected with a dozen new commercial cleaning leads.

One word of caution if you offer the free quote: Make sure it’s clear that it’s a quote only. A client can only offer limited information on a form, and it won’t be enough to tally a final price. You’ll need a consultation to do that. If you’re clear about your intentions, though, you’ll find many customers are still interested in a free quote.

3. Make connecting easy

The last thing you want is to lose commercial cleaning leads because you neglected to include contact information. Put your company phone number on the home page along with an e-mail collection form that connects to sales follow-up software like Blitz. Make sure the e-mail address is an active link so the customer doesn’t have to cut-and-paste. Also, check on a mobile device to be sure that the phone number becomes a live link so customers can just tap to call.

You might also consider including a contact form on your website. Most platforms have simple plugins for this. It guides customers through a short form so you can get back to them with the information they need.

In either case, make sure you get back to them within a reasonable amount of time – preferably less than 24 hours. ProTip: If they e-mail you or fill out the contact form, they are probably more comfortable with digital communication. If they don’t answer when you call, try sending an e-mail. (Or start with the e-mail altogether.)

Commercial Cleaning Leads

Don’t skip this bonus tip: Include social media

A final thing to consider that helps create commercial cleaning leads is to include your social media handles on every page of your website. These usually appear in a corner somewhere, and are static icons that customers can click or tap at any time to connect with your social pages. From there, users can engage directly with your company, which in and of itself is something of a lead, to say nothing of the actual commercial cleaning leads you’ll yield.

The good news is that none of these tweaks are especially hard. Spend a little time rearranging your home page or creating contact forms, and you’ll likely see results almost immediately. How many of those results turn into new customers, of course, is up to you, but it behooves you to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to attract top commercial cleaning leads to your business through web traffic.