Put the right mobile cleaning business tools in your pocket and make it easier to keep up with your day.

When it comes to your cleaning equipment and supplies, a lot has changed over the years. You have options including cleaning robots, drones, and even more advanced cleaning products. Even with that, we still rely on tools that have been here for ages, such as mops, vacuums, and scrub brushes. It’s not that different for commercial cleaning business tools, either. 

You can find plenty of cleaning businesses using pens, pencils, and paper for anything from invoicing to task checklists. At the same time, mobile tools have changed how other cleaning businesses operate. They send invoices through online software services, use Janitorial mobile apps for employee timekeeping, and order supplies right from their phone. 

If you’re new to the idea of mobile commercial cleaning business tools, or just want to explore what’s out there, this list is for you. 

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Cleaning Business Tools

7 Commercial cleaning business tools you can use on the go

1. Square: If you want to take mobile payments, it doesn’t get much easier than Square. It’s a recognized brand, which puts your clients at ease, plus it’s user-friendly for both you and your customer. While most of your jobs will probably be paid through an invoice, the basic version of Square is free, so there’s really no downside to adding this to your box of mobile cleaning business tools. 

2. ADP: For all your payroll and HR needs, ADP is an excellent option. ADP will manage payroll for your W2 employees and contractors, as well as help you manage other benefits, such as 401k or health insurance. 

3. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the ultimate professional networking social space, and they even have a mobile app. LinkedIn is an excellent online space to showcase the work your team does. 

4. Yelp: You might know Yelp as the website people visit to complain or to rave about a recent business visit. But on the business side of things, Yelp has some helpful business tools. You can use the app to respond to reviews, but you can also get data about user views, customer leads, and more. Oh! And it’s free!

5. Instagram: While many of your customers will be on LinkedIn, they aren’t always at work, which means Instagram is another great spot to showcase your fabulous work. 

6. Janitorial Manager: I couldn’t very well write this list without including Janitorial Manager. When it comes to commercial cleaning business tools, Janitorial Manager has some incredible benefits to enjoy. With Janitorial Manager, you can track employee times, manage your schedule, offer on-the-spot bids, manage your inventory, share checklists, manage work orders, conduct employee performance reviews, communicate with location-based messaging, and so much more. This powerful tool is your business hub, designed specifically for the commercial cleaning and building services industries. 

7. Quickbooks: Quickbooks is one of the most well-known names around for financial software. This powerful software will auto-track income and expenses, and keep you organized for tax purposes. Quickbooks also integrates seamlessly into Janitorial Manager, making it a breeze to keep an eye on the financial health of your business. 

What to look for in a business app

There are so many mobile cleaning business tools and apps available. It can feel overwhelming to try and determine which is the right one for you. Here are a few things to look for that can help you narrow down your choices. 

User-friendly: The best software takes the user experience seriously, so be sure that whatever you use makes sense to you. 

Support: Customer support is essential in any business software, especially if it’s paid software. You’ll have questions and you deserve to be able to talk to someone who can help you. 

Integrations: Do your different business tools all work well together? For example, you can link Janitorial Manager, Quickbooks, and ADP, so all of your business timekeeping, financial records, and payroll requirements can be taken care of without a lot of hassle. 

Fits your needs: Again, because there are so many apps available, you don’t need to struggle to fit your business into an existing app. There’s one out there that’s going to be just right for what you need.

You already work hard. Why not take advantage of technology to make your day just a little bit easier?

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