“This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes…”

By now, we’re accustomed to hearing this phrase prior to customer service calls. We realize that this means if something goes wrong during our call, there is documentation of the problem. We agree to allow the company to use our call as a case study in training sessions with new employees, if necessary. We may even feel a little comforted knowing the person on the other end of the call also realizes that whatever they do during their service to us may be reviewed by someone else.

Commercial cleaning inspections software serves essentially the same purposes for your customers.

Protect Your Company’s Quality Control

Quality control is an essential part of any company’s operations. Without it, products get recalled and significant amounts of money are lost. However, if one of your clients comes across poorly performed cleaning services, it’s not a product that gets recalled… it’s your contract!

No one wants to experience the embarrassment of losing a cleaning contract. So, you may be using a clipboard with a checklist of completed tasks to look for, or you may make a quick walk through of your properties to catch any glaring cleaning missteps.

But in today’s cleaning culture, the most successful, efficient and cost-effective method to implement and maintain a quality control program within your business is inspection software.

6 Benefits of Utilizing Inspection Software

The overall goal of inspecting the work of your cleaners is to ensure their performance meets your quality requirements… and to catch any faults before the customer does! However, there are multiple other ways an inspections software serves to support your employees, protect your bottom line, preserve your reputation, improve your relationship with your clients.

  • Inspection software allows for timely responses and reactions

You may already be scheduling inspections of your employees’ performances on your customers’ properties. Unfortunately, if you’re like many commercial cleaning business owners, those inspections are written down on paper and stacked on your desk… or on the floor… or in the trash. These reports are likely never seen – Or, if they are seen, will likely not be entered into a database of any kind that would allow you to discover patterns, ongoing issues, or any other important data. You simply don’t have the time for that!

By utilizing inspections software, you’re able to avoid the hassle and the mess of paper reports, and gain the ability to quickly scan already-compiled information that means something of value to your company. This means you’ll be able to see who is consistently receiving low scores. You’ll be able to identify what tasks are causing the most trouble for your team to complete.

With a quick scan of a single page report, you’ll be able to objectively react to the needs or performance issues of any of your employees right away, rather than allowing poor performance to continue indefinitely.

On the flip side of that coin, however, inspection software also supports your ability to identify employees who are doing a consistently exemplary job! Recognizing employee performance is one way that you increase your team’s loyalty and ongoing efforts to do well!

  • Inspection software ensures proper training is taking place

There are a number of reasons why an employee may be underperforming on inspection reports. However, by being able to review clearly and simply presented information about these issues – in real-time! – on the dashboard of your inspections software, you are equipped with the knowledge of who needs extra training.

Without that accurate and overall view of the performance of your cleaners, you might not realize ‘Employee A’ wasn’t thoroughly trained on how to use the floor buffer; Or ‘Employee B’ is always forgetting about the extra trash can in the far corner of the office; Or ‘Employee C’ is afraid of heights and refusing to take the ladder all the way up to clean the upper portions of the windows!

  • Inspection software can save you money on cleaning products

Using an affordable inspection software that also incorporates supply tracking features and P&L reporting gives you the upper hand in protecting your bottom line. For example, if the reports reflect consistently poorly performed jobs, you may be able to correlate the low inspection scores with increased cleaning product costs reports. This may mean that your employees are not using the correct cleaning products, or using them in incorrect proportions! When these issues are allowed to continue undetected and unchecked, it results in increased supplies costs and a major hit on your bottom line!

  • Inspection software encourages employees’ best efforts

When employees know that their performance will be inspected – and that those inspections reports will actually be reviewed, rather than simply stacked in another pile of paper, never to be seen again – they are more likely to do their tasks more carefully . The benefit of inspection software providing real-time oversight on the quality of work that your team is doing creates the opportunity for quick corrections and timely rewards for work well done. This establishes an expectation of consistent quality of work and sets a standard of excellence.

  • Inspection software increases customer satisfaction

It is essential that you carefully protect your reputation and maintain customers’ satisfaction with your company’s work. Quality inspections should catch any issues and errors that should be corrected before they come to the attention of your customers. Rather than using generic inspections checklists, inspections software allows you to automatically create customized rubrics for each of your clients. This means if Customer X needs specific tasks completed that are different from Customer Y, you can tailor your inspections reports quickly and easily to ensure all your bases are covered.

Inspections reports can be made accessible to your customers, if you desire that level of transparency. This may be a selling point of your services that increases your prospective clients’ levels of trust and communication.

Increase the Quality of Services You Offer

Quality control is a key component of your services. It ensures the maximum utilization of available resources and labor, and protects or improves your company’s reputation.

If you are ready to easily and automatically collect actionable and accurate data through the use of quality inspection software that allow you to:

  • Create completely customizable inspection forms,
  • Define the inspections, step-by-step
  • Schedule inspections and follow-ups
  • Associate employees with inspections for performance tracking
  • Customize the inspection scoring scale
  • Capture a permanent record of all inspections automatically (or print them in the field)
  • And MORE…

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