Janitorial inspection software helps make you and your team accountable while satisfying the needs of your customers.

When we think of improving productivity, we often think of new cleaning products to use in the field or new ways to be more efficient with custodial structures and approaches. What we don’t often think about is how improved inspections can lead to improved productivity. And the most groundbreaking technology available to do just that is janitorial inspection software.

Janitorial Inspection Software

What it janitorial inspection software?

Janitorial inspection software is a cloud-based program that collects and organizes information related to inspections for each of your client sites. Inspection data commonly includes employee performance, cleaning checklists, job ratings, comments, customer feedback, and even pictures. Software like this allows managers to compile all of their inspection information in a single place while also empowering them to better track progress and consistency across jobs.

How does janitorial inspection software work?

When you design a proposal for a new client, you can also add the majority of that information into janitorial inspection software. This creates a custom inspection plan for each job that you can later use to track employee progress and follow work. As employees complete tasks, managers can monitor in real-time things like how long it took to finish a job or what kinds of issues may have arisen.

For each inspection point, managers can rate the quality of the task done and take any relevant notes. Most janitorial inspection software also allows you to include photos in inspection plan profiles. Ratings, notes, and pictures can then be sent to the client to show the quality of work, which can dramatically improve client satisfaction.

Janitorial Inspection Software

Productivity increase #1: Improve performance

One of the many benefits of janitorial inspection software is its ability to measure employee performance. Most employees want to perform well, but having an accountability system ensures that they have the motivation to stay on task and to finish a job as quickly as possible without compromising quality. It also helps employees stay organized since they can check off completed tasks and see what they still need to do.

Productivity increase #2: Save time

Let’s face it: Inspections take time. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to conduct them at all. In reality, the goal is to complete them quickly and efficiently.

Janitorial inspection software saves time not just by organizing tasks, but also by keeping all of your data in one place. Instead of fumbling through pages of paper, you can seamlessly scroll through the software interface to record and review the information that matters to you.

Productivity increase #3: Share data

The ability to share data with your staff and your clients means that you’ll be able to more readily identify areas of success and areas that need improvement. Clients have the opportunity to respond immediately to any reports you provide them, and also to see how efficient you and your staff are!

Productivity increase #4: Take photos

Pictures speak a thousand words. Taking photos enhances the accountability of your company since clients can see in real-time the work you’ve done. Additionally, if a client has an issue, they can also take a photo and send it back to you through the janitorial inspection software so that you can quickly respond and rectify anything they’re unhappy with.

Productivity increase #5: Schedule activities

Some inspection software comes with activity scheduling, which is the ability to schedule specific activities on specific jobs at specific times. This way, you can track employee progress in real-time and make any necessary corrections.

Productivity increase #6: Management on-the-go

Because janitorial inspection software is stored using cloud technology, you can access your data from any device anywhere you have internet access. So instead of waiting until you’re at your desk to find out the status of jobs, you can check while you’re attending meetings or other functions outside of the office. This reduces feedback lag time and also helps you stay productive since you won’t have as much work piling up for review if you happen to be out of the office for a while.

6 Ways Janitorial Inspection Software Can Dramatically Improve Productivity

Data-driven results

As with much cloud-based management technology, janitorial inspection software captures metrics that tell you what you need to know about the work done by your staff. From time taken to complete a job to measuring inventory to rating the quality of a job, performance metrics are always at your fingertips, which is good news if you’re trying to improve the overall productivity of your business.