Discover the best way to use QR codes for better service in your commercial cleaning operation. 

What’s the best way to use QR codes? In an age of contactless living, one of the most frequent ways we use QR codes is when we dine out. Scanning a code with our smartphone cameras takes us to a restaurant menu to order our food and drinks. 

Many companies also use them for marketing. For example, add a QR code to a flyer or business card, and your audience can go straight to your website without the inconvenience of typing in a web address. 

Marketing departments use them to share videos, fact sheets, and links to shopping pages. But where does the professional cleaning industry fit in here? Is there a reason to use QR codes? For that matter, what is a QR code?

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Best Way To Use Qr Codes

Your quick guide to QR codes

A QR code is a Quick Response code initially designed and used by Japanese company Denso Wave to track auto parts and production. PC Mag writes that “the QR code can store up to 4,296 alphanumeric or 7,089 numeric characters, and if a high level of error correction is used, up to 30% of the image can be smudged and still be recognized.”

You’re probably finding these little squares more often as it becomes clear how much information they can hold. While the marketing and hospitality fields have made them more prominent, they have a wide range of capabilities beyond those industries.

The medical industry uses QR codes to track blood samples and testing information. They’re used for electronic authentication and counterfeit detection by brands and governments. They help with transparency in the supply chain and with food safety issues. 

So what is the best way to use QR codes in the commercial cleaning industry? We have some ideas.

The best way to use QR codes to turn your commercial cleaning operation into a streamlined team

The QR code is a powerful addition to your suite of janitorial software and customer service potential. I can’t tell you how other software uses these codes, but I can share what we feel is the best way to use QR codes and how we’ve implemented them into the services we offer janitorial teams and commercial cleaning companies.

In late 2020, Janitorial Manager rolled out a QR code-based communication tool called Scan4Clean. This tool gives your team a complete checklist of tasks and allows your clients to determine when a space was serviced and which specific tasks were completed. 

You can create custom QR codes for each location and track exactly what’s getting done in live time and who is responsible for different tasks. Combined with the JM Connect app, your clients can find out where your team is in the cleaning process, what spaces have yet to be cleaned, and make requests based on valid, up-to-date information. They can also leave feedback, which gives you the opportunity to improve your customer service or congratulate your team on a job well done. 

In fact, improved customer satisfaction might be the best way to use QR codes in your work. For example, your customers can use these QR codes to notify your team that there’s a spill, the soap dispenser in a restroom or break room is broken, or that something was overlooked in a room. (It happens to the best of us, so why not allow yourself to fix the issue before you leave?)

Clearly, this is all a great way to keep your customers informed of what’s taking place in their facility. It’s a helpful tool for them to communicate with you and your team and understand what your work entails. It’s not just your customers that benefit, though. 

Your business and management team can gain a lot from using QR codes. Did you know that poor quality results in lost business for approximately 55% of commercial cleaning operations? The Scan4Clean system allows for better communication, which is always helpful in retaining clients. 

It can also help you retain employees. We all enjoy hearing that we’re doing a good job. Sadly, janitorial employees may not hear praise very often, especially if the work is after hours or early morning before people come in for the day. User-friendly technology makes it easy for you and your customers to show appreciation for the work your team does. 

Is that the best way to use QR codes? If you’ve ever gone through the process of losing good employees and struggling to find new help, that might be the only reason you need to add them to your toolbox. 

Whatever your reason, QR codes have potential to improve the work you do, make your team more efficient, and give your customers yet another reason to renew their contracts with you.

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