Discover 9 ways to use your cleaning business software to make operational tasks more efficient and productive.

Are you getting the most from your cleaning business software? If you aren’t taking advantage of everything it has to offer, you might be missing out on some significant benefits. 

I know it’s challenging to dig into your software when you’re already busy. You want to just plug and play. And there’s a lot you can do to streamline your business tasks with that approach. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

However, the tasks aren’t going away. And as your business grows, they’re going to take more and more time. That means any time and effort you put into learning and using all the features of your cleaning business software is going to give you exponential returns. 

Keep up with your vendors, customers, staff, schedules, and checklists. Learn more today with a discovery call and find out how to make your cleaning operation more efficient, cost-effective, and better for everyone!

Cleaning Business Software

First, use the right software

There are numerous ways your cleaning business software can help make your work more efficient. First, though, let’s take a look at an important topic: using the right software. We’ve covered this before in this post. So, this is just a quick overview of some of the things to look for. 

  • Excellent customer service: Whatever software you decide to use, make sure the company offers excellent customer service. You will have questions or need support at some point, so make sure the company is there to help you. 
  • User-friendly: While there’s almost always a learning curve with new software, overall, it’s helpful when your tools are user-friendly. That may come in different forms, depending on the software. For example, at Janitorial Manager, we offer training for you and your team as part of the onboarding process. 
  • Integrations: There’s a good chance you have at least a few other software solutions to help you run your business. Make sure your janitorial software integrates easily with those, so you can work more efficiently (and with less stress). For example, Janitorial Manager integrates with QuickBooks, ADP, and Paychex, just to name a few.

Again, there are a few other factors to consider in choosing the best software solution for your commercial cleaning or building services company. These three, and especially the first two, are important in making sure you can do your work and not spend time trying to decode your software. 

Taking advantage of your cleaning business software

Now, let’s explore how your cleaning business software can help your business run more efficiently. 

1. Scheduling: Scheduling your team and your clients is like working a 3D puzzle, except the pieces keep moving. When you make a weekly or monthly schedule, you’re working to balance everything from payroll to coverage to time off to customer needs. Why do that the hard way, when your software can make the process easy?

2. Inventory: Tracking inventory across multiple locations is a challenge. But it doesn’t have to take up all your time. With your cleaning business software, you can keep a close eye on your inventory, so you know what’s running low, when it’s time to order, or even if your team is going through products more quickly than expected. 

3. Maintenance: You invest a lot in your equipment, and you want to keep it in good shape. Well-maintained equipment lasts longer, runs more efficiently, and rarely surprises you with unexpected breakdowns. Track your maintenance schedules easily with the right cleaning business software. 

4. Inspections: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save and store cleaning inspections by specific locations? You can with the right janitorial software. Photos, notes, and comments are all included, too.

5. Translation: It’s not a secret that people speak numerous languages in the janitorial industry. While that’s generally a positive, it can create challenges when you’re trying to relay information across two, three, or more different languages. However, some cleaning business software can translate for you. For example, Janitorial Manager offers multilingual translation, so everyone on your team can be on the same page. 

6. Bidding: It wasn’t that long ago that bidding involved a lot of pencil, paper, erasing, and such. There are plenty of building services contractors and commercial cleaners that still use pencil and paper. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. But if you want to streamline the process and make it easy to try out different numbers, your cleaning business software is the perfect tool. Janitorial Manager has built-in calculators and ISSA templates, which makes bidding a breeze. 

7. Client portal: How much time do you spend on the phone listening to or leaving messages for clients? With an included client portal, software like Janitorial Manager turns a lengthy back and forth into an easy, simple conversation. A client portal gives your clients and easy and direct way to contact you. They can leave messages, track requests, offer feedback, and get messages from you. 

8. Easy data access: Instead of waiting until you get back to the office to look up a bid, work order, invoice, or any other piece of information, cloud-based software provides access anywhere you have an internet connection. 

9. Team communication: Communication is one of the most critical skills in any business. At the same time, it’s also challenging to keep your team updated with client requests, changes to task lists, updates on orders, and so on. With communication apps like JM Connect, you can easily stay in touch with your team, no matter how spread out they may be. You can also communicate based on location if you need to get in touch with one specific team. JM Connect and similar apps built into your cleaning business software make this process so much more efficient than looking up numbers and texting or emailing people. 

Like any tool you use, your business software is there to make your life easier and your job better. Take advantage of all it has to offer.

Bid tracking, to-do lists, cleaning checklists, supply inventory, timekeeping… it’s all here. Janitorial Manager can help you organize all your commercial cleaning operations. Schedule a free call with Janitorial Manager to learn more.