Would clients respond better to a cleaning menu that bundles services? There are some good reasons they might.

Think about the last time you went out to eat or made a purchase. You were likely offered a bundle of some sort, like a combo meal or perhaps bundling your home and auto insurance. There are reasons people love bundles: it can save time, money, and the effort of dealing with things separately. When it comes to cleaning services and creating your cleaning menu, it can also save your customers time, possibly money, and boost your revenue.

Adding bundles to your cleaning menu is easier than you might think. There are a ton of ways to monetize your bundle packages and use them to increase your sales while also building your customer base.

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Cleaning Menu

Here are five easy ways to start making bundles work for you with an expanded cleaning menu

1. Bundle similar services on your cleaning menu

We should add a little disclaimer here. One of the nice things about using an a la carte menu is that clients can see exactly what you do because it’s all spelled out. You vacuum carpets, you wipe down phones and other communal office equipment, you clean interior windows, and you remove trash. Again, you, your team, and your clients all have these written out and agreed upon so there are no mistakes or confusing conversations about what is and is not included in the agreement.

You should still do that. It’s part of showcasing the value your business offers. But you can organize these tasks into bundles. For example:

  • Standard office bundle: Here you would list your typical checklist items for an office, such as sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning restrooms, and dusting.
  • Silver office bundle: Everything in the standard bundle, plus add-ons such as spot treatments on carpets or cleaning windows.
  • Gold office bundle: All of the above, plus changing HVAC filters, light plumbing issues as they arise, and basic landscaping.

Remember, though, that the first principle of bundling services is combining services that make sense with each other. 

Another example is a business’ break room. Instead of charging separately to clean the fridge, the microwave, the oven, and the stove, you could create an Appliances Bundle that includes all these elements and provides the customer with a deal. This motivates the customer to opt for the more expensive bundle because they save money in the long run and it provides you the opportunity to earn revenue you would have otherwise missed out on using your regular cleaning menu.

2. Change bundles seasonally

Depending on the season, your customers might want different services. Think about the annual ritual many of us have to spring clean our homes. Take inspiration from spring cleaning and create a Spring Cleaning Bundle that includes cleaning the windows, the blinds, and the carpets. Because these are all services that your client might be interested in based on the season, you’ll have a good chance of them choosing your bundled service.

Remember, you want to offer a discount to motivate your customer to choose the bundle. However, you don’t need to offer a large discount. It’s important to keep in mind the client is gaining value by having all their maintenance services done by one company at one time.

3. Business bundles

Think about the variety of businesses you serve. Whether it’s a bank, a medical facility, or a retail space, they all have specific cleaning requirements. This is the perfect opportunity to bundle services. For example, if you have a client that asks you to clean their retail space, you might bundle dusting, floor cleaning, window cleaning, and bathroom cleaning. This provides the client with the value of having a clean retail space at a small discount, while also giving you a greater profit for your time. And while these are all tasks you may do for a retail shop anyway, it streamlines the process for your customer, making it easier for them to understand the final price.

To start making your business-focused bundles part of your cleaning menu, make a list of the extra services you can provide to each client based on the benefit it provides the business. Could your restaurant client benefit from floor cleaning and appliance detailing? Bundle them together!

4. Market your bundles

If you don’t market your bundles, no one will know you’re offering them. A good place to start is with your existing clients. Call them and see how happy they are with their services. What are their concerns? Are there any other services on your cleaning menu they would be interested in? This is when you can tell them about your new menu of bundled services. It’s a great opportunity to explain the benefit of bundling services and how it could positively impact your client’s business.

Another option is to include flyers in the monthly invoices of your regular clients. Don’t be afraid to get creative! The more people that know about your bundles, the more likely you’ll see new clients wanting your bundled services.

5. Use bundles to get new clients

When you’re bidding on a new contract, you want to get noticed. You can easily stand out in the crowd of bids by offering a bundled service. Look at what supplies and services they currently get and see what else you could offer. Bundle it together with a small discount (that also makes sense for you) and you’ll have a new client in no time.

Remember that people love to one-stop-shop. It’s convenient, saves them time, and usually saves them money. By building on that love of one-stop-shopping, you’ll bring in new clients and grow your customer base quickly. Don’t forget to tell prospective customers about your bundles from the get go. It could be the deciding factor in them hiring you for the job.

One last word: Don’t go overboard. Offer two or three bundles at the most. Any more than that and your customers will just get overwhelmed. There really is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

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