Do you need to track your janitorial task history, but aren’t sure what the best way to do it is? Here’s an easy solution.

Your janitorial task history tells a story. Though it might seem like little more than a checklist, this collection of tasks plays a big role in running your business.

It’s proof of your work and a way to share your skills. It’s also a record that helps you determine your rates, how efficient your team is, if your labor costs are reasonable, and so much more.

Your janitorial task history is a vital element of inspections. This history tells you which person on your team needs a little help, and who might be ready for increased responsibility.

To do this, however, you need something more than a dry-erase marker and a portable whiteboard with daily tasks written down. Initiating a task that later gets erased doesn’t give you or your team any indication of who did the work. You can’t follow up on erased tasks to find out if someone needs additional training or if certain tasks are getting overlooked.

In other words, it’s not enough to have a task list. You need a way to track your janitorial task history so you can use the information.

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Tracking your janitorial task history the easy way

Of course, you do have options when it comes to tracking your janitorial task history. One low-tech approach is for each team to keep a notebook or binder with them. Each page or section is then divided into locations, shifts, and tasks. When a task is complete, the person who did the task initials it.

It’s an effective approach, but also precarious. It’s easy to lose notebooks in the shuffle of multiple locations. It’s also easy to get the paper wet or messy. Lastly, it can be difficult to find the information you need, especially if you have to track down the binder.

That said, it’s certainly an approach that could work for small operations that service limited locations.

It’s probably no surprise that we prefer a tech-forward approach to recording your janitorial task history. And we think Janitorial Manager is the best tool for the job. Here’s why.

Janitorial Manager gives you several ways to track your task history.

We’re all used to checklists. We have them ( or variations of them ) in recipes, furniture-building instructions, troubleshooting guides, and, naturally, in the janitorial industry. A checklist is just a series of things we need to do in order to reach a goal, whether that’s getting food on the table or a having a clean office.

A checklist is, essentially, a task list. Depending on the location, you may find that some of your lists remain relatively unchanged. You have your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks, but otherwise, things stay the same. The potential issue here is that we get so comfortable and used to the job, that we don’t even notice when things slip.

That’s why, in this case, a janitorial task history is essential. Especially in the case of monthly or quarterly tasks, missing them could lead to equipment malfunctions or worse.

At the same time, other locations may have dynamic checklists that change regularly. Restaurants that host weddings or events might need to alter their task list to accommodate these changes in use. Schools are a never-ending sea of moving tasks.

In both cases, with Janitorial Manager, you can track your tasks by location. That makes it easy to see at a glance what’s happening.

The other way you can track your history with Janitorial Manager is through Scan4Clean. Scan4Clean is our QR code system that tracks the services performed in distinct locations. Not only can you scan for a task list, but you and your team can also upload images.

Each employee can sign off on their work within an area, so there’s no confusion if anyone has questions.

What’s even better is that you can run reports at any time, whether you’re at a location or not. If you want to know the janitorial task history of any of the places you service, simply pull it up in the Janitorial Manager portal, and it’s right there.

Don’t let this important piece of your work get thrown out with the mop water. Take steps to preserve your task history. Future you will appreciate it.

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