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Our Janitorial QR Code Solutions

JM’s innovative janitorial QR Codes provide a user-friendly solution for cleaning teams and the general public. Cleaning teams can view step-by-step instructions, complete inspections, and clock in & out. The public can leave feedback, and managers can validate the completion of tasks thanks to our detailed reports showing every minute spent on the job.


These scannable QR codes allow your cleaning team to instantly access their step-by-step cleaning checklists for facility-specific areas like restrooms or conference rooms. They can also feel confident on how to perform the work by viewing detailed pictures and videos of cleaning tasks thanks to our instructional media feature. Variance reports also provide accountably because they will tell you how long it took to clean each area and the time spent between each scan.

QR Code Clock In

JM’s QR code clock in system is an easy & precise time tacking solution for cleaners to automatically clock in and out using JM Connect. With this solution, time punches are documented for accurate payroll processing and validate who was on site working and when.



Scan2Inspect enables users to complete quality checks for specific areas by scanning a QR code right from JM Connect. It’s also flexible to your needs. Create custom inspection templates that allow supervisors & managers to rate the work completed by cleaners. All inspection results are documented (with pictures), and positive results can be shared with employees and clients for higher retention rates.

Public Scan QR Codes

Streamlining communication between the public and commercial cleaning teams has never been easier thanks to Public Scan QR Codes. When a member of the public scans a QR code, they can request service, leave feedback (positive or constructive) on the cleanliness of the area, or even alert cleaning teams that supplies need replenished. Cleaning teams are immediately notified so that prompt action can be taken resulting in higher public and client satisfaction.

Improve Cleanliness and Efficiency with QR Codes

Janitorial QR Codes are designed to ensure all facilities are consistently clean, safe, and healthy. Scan4Clean, Scan2Inspect, and Public Scan QR Codes provide the transparency, communication, and accountability to do that and more. Our QR codes are discrete too. They’re small and commonly placed in areas such as the door jamb. By using any of the four QR code solutions listed above, you can eliminate inefficiencies that come with using manual processes. Automate your cleaning operation and improve your results.

What Our QR Code Users Say!

“Janitorial Manager’s QR codes allow us to get direct communication back from our customers. It also allows us to evaluate how well our individuals are performing the work. We can do inspections both remotely and in person. The use of the app is robust and easy to use.” 

Valerie Reyher – The Kennedy Collective 

“One of the features I love about Janitorial Manager is the QR code. You have the ability to put steps for your employees from 1,2,3,4 and they have the ability to click on it to get instructions or a video. It’s a unique system, and works very well.” 

Letty Barajas – Wellness Cleaning LLC

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