Looking for a tech update? The best cleaning programs all have these features. 

What are the best cleaning programs for building service contractors? While “best” is always subjective, there are still features that set some software apart from others. The ultimate choice of software will depend on your specific needs and how that software fits into your work. Even so, it’s helpful to narrow the field by looking for a few things. 

Still, there are so many possibilities, from generic software options to high-dollar, custom-built programs. Our opinion is that the best cleaning programs are designed with the building services and janitorial industries in mind. That certainly makes your search more approachable. And the result is that you’re more likely to find a program that fits your needs.

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Best Cleaning Programs

What does the best mean to you?

Yes, the best cleaning programs do have some specific features and benefits that make them stand out. But what features do you need? 

Are you short on time, or too busy to spend time learning a complicated new software? If this sounds familiar, you want something that’s user-friendly and has a robust onboarding process.

Do you need to consider workloading or scheduling? Bidding on cleaning jobs? As you read through the list of features, think about what you need. What’s going to make your job easier? Will certain features help you get more organized or communicate better with your team or with clients? 

It’s well worth the time to consider what you need to help your business. That will make your efforts in finding the right software or program much more efficient and rewarding. 

The 10 features that all the best cleaning programs include

These features are in no particular order. Again, think about how they will help you in your job. You may find that one or two are essential and others are a nice-to-have. You might think all of them are indispensable. There is no right or wrong answer here. 

1. Included training. Even the most user-friendly software requires some learning time. With that in mind, the best cleaning programs include some form of training and onboarding. That might be through videos, live calls, detailed instructions, a helpline, or live chat. Whatever it is, you shouldn’t need to pay extra for learning how to use the program. 

2. Cloud-based. Even the “best” cleaning programs won’t help you much if you can’t access them. Cloud-based software means you can access what you need no matter where you are. As long as you have an internet or cellular connection of some type, you’re good. You don’t have to wait until you return to the office to update checklists, review a work order, or anything else. It’s all right there on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

3. Time-tracking. Whether it’s payroll hours or project hours, you need to track time. That helps with everything from workloading to estimates for new jobs to scheduling appropriately. 

4. Scheduling. Along with time-tracking, scheduling is an essential feature of any cleaning program or software. Especially if you’re working to manage several locations, scheduling features are a must. You need to consider where you most need employees, the type and amount of work to be done, and more. 

5. Customer communication. Especially in larger buildings, it can be tough for your customers to track you down with questions or concerns. And it’s true that you can’t always go looking for your customer or building manager when something comes up. The best cleaning programs and software include communication features so you, your team, and your clients can all be on the same page. 

6. Team communication. Customer communication is important, but so is team communication. Your team needs to know if there are checklist updates, emergency repairs they need to attend to, or if any questions come up. A built-in app makes this easy. 

7. Translation. The janitorial and building services industries include people from all over the world with a wealth of languages. Still, you do need to communicate. So as you look for the right cleaning program for your business, consider software that features built-in translation. 

8. Bidding calculators and templates. Writing out bids and proposals can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. The best cleaning programs have built-in bidding calculators and templates, making it easy to adjust numbers and work with clients to find the service that works best for them.

9. Equipment tracking. When do your warranties expire? When was maintenance last performed on your floor buffer? Are the tools you need in the right location? With equipment tracking, you don’t need to wonder. You can know. 

10. Customer portal. Can you function without a customer portal? Sure. You don’t need a customer portal. But isn’t a central spot for communication better than dozens of texts, countless phone messages, and unending emails? Or if you really want to make life easy, how about location-based messaging? Then your customers, your team, and your supervisors can all communicate from one place. No more scrolling to find the correct text. No more trying to find the email with that critical information. 

Investing in the right software will give you exponential returns. It’s worth taking the time to find a cleaning program that best meets your needs.

Keep up with your vendors, customers, staff, schedules, and checklists. Learn more today with a discovery call and find out how to make your building services efforts more efficient, cost effective, and better for everyone!