If your commercial cleaning quality control needs some of its own quality control, it’s time to put some new procedures in place.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, one of your last points of service is your cleaning inspection. But what happens when those inspections come back with a failing grade? That’s when your commercial cleaning quality control has to kick in.

Ideally, you have quality control measures throughout your cleaning process. But it’s always possible for something to slip through. For example, your team is working shorthanded, or some miscommunication results in missed tasks. Whatever the case, you want to find and correct those issues before they turn into an issue for your customer.

Your inspections are vital in ensuring your team carries out their duties, and everything is how it should be. Inspections are designed specifically to catch mistakes or problems. But without quality control measures in place, those mistakes will happen again. And next time, you might not catch it with an inspection.

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Cleaning Quality Control

Discover a commercial cleaning quality control strategy that works

The best commercial cleaning quality control measures are in place long before a failed inspection. Quality control begins with the working environment you create in your business. It depends on hiring the right people and giving them the training they need to do the job well. And it relies on your organizational skills and tools.

For example, detailed checklists for each client and location take the guesswork out of the equation. Anyone on your team can look at the task list to find out precisely what they need to do. You can even go high-tech and use QR codes, so each space within a location has a checklist, along with information about when the area was last cleaned or any special considerations for the room.

Those steps alone will substantially limit any failed inspections. Still, you may face a situation where certain jobs aren’t getting done, or they aren’t completed to your or your customer’s satisfaction. What then?

Your first step is to talk to your team and find out where the disconnect is. The problem may be something as simple as the instructions aren’t clear. There could be extenuating factors – maybe the team didn’t clean a particular room because there were rodents or other previously unnoticed hazards. Or perhaps the facility manager asked your team to skip a room so they could focus on something else.

There are numerous possible reasons for a failed inspection. But to enact any cleaning quality control response, you have to know what happened.

While it could be something as simple as a miscommunication or unusual circumstance, it is also possible that someone on your team just didn’t do the job to the high-quality standards you have in place. Again, though, the reasons aren’t always as straightforward as they might seem.

Yes, it’s entirely possible they just did a poor job. However, it’s also possible that they need some additional training or don’t understand the expectations. In either case, you may need to spend some time getting this person up to par.

Once you’ve identified and hopefully corrected the issue, you’ll still need to keep a close eye on the situation. Plan for additional and more detailed inspections, at least in the near term. And if you can’t perform inspections for some reason, make sure your team leader or supervisor can double-check the work before signing off on a job’s completion.

Making inspections easier

One way to ensure commercial cleaning quality control is at the forefront of your work is through using janitorial management software. An inspections app (like the one embedded into Janitorial Manager) gives you the ability to keep location-based inspection histories, complete with photos and comments.

Cloud-based software means everyone has access to checklists and location information anytime they are on site. While communications apps (like JM Connect) make it easy to contact your team without looking up numbers or figuring out who is working at which location.

While you can’t be there in person for every inspection, you can track your team’s work and ensure customer satisfaction.

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