Find out how you can take advantage of smart cleaning systems to expand your commercial cleaning business.

When it comes to smart cleaning systems, most of us are probably familiar with the Roomba. This home version of a robotic vacuum can identify and avoid obstacles, map your home so it knows where to work, and empty itself when full. These are certainly nice features for busy families, but once you step into the world of commercial cleaning, you need something more. 

Though relatively new, smart cleaning systems are changing the way commercial cleaning companies and building services contractors plan their work. With anything from drones to cleaning robots to smart soap dispensers, cleaning companies can integrate these technologies so their teams can work more efficiently and provide more focused services. 

What exactly is smart technology? Or a smart building? Smart technology uses data to automate different actions or systems. Smart HVAC systems, for example, can increase energy efficiency by automatically shifting resources to occupied rooms. Smart lighting systems can measure the amount of sunlight in a space and adjust lighting as needed. Many LEED-certified buildings have smart technology built-in, making them more energy efficient and less expensive to operate. 

In addition to automation, these systems also operate through a series of sensors and use the data to alert your janitorial teams to things like full trash bins or low supplies in bathrooms. The idea is that rather than working on a schedule that may or may not meet the needs of your customers, your team can respond to issues as they happen. But how difficult is it to use smart cleaning systems and how can these systems help your business?

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Smart Cleaning Systems

Making the most of smart cleaning systems

One thing to understand about smart cleaning systems is that they don’t necessarily need to be building-wide to be useful. Even smaller steps toward automation and smart systems can benefit your business. 

Some of these options include:

  • Autonomous floor-cleaning robots
  • Disinfecting robots
  • Smart drones 
  • QR codes
  • Janitorial software
  • Chatbots

You can learn more about some of these technologies in 7 Innovative Cleaning Drones and Robots for Large Public SpacesHow to Implement New Software and Get Janitorial Staff to Actually Use It, and The Best Way to Use QR Codes in Professional Cleaning.

Here, however, we’re going to focus on how these smart cleaning systems, no matter how small or large, can help you grow your commercial cleaning business. 

Efficiency. There’s no question that a more efficient workforce will increase profits and business opportunities. With an efficient team using smart technology, you can take on more clients, do more detailed work, and get better overall results. And you don’t have to cut back on payroll hours, either. Everyone’s happy.

Marketing. As much as you want to work efficiently, your customers want that even more. From your customers’ viewpoint, a more efficient janitorial team means lower costs, and that’s something every business is happy about. Marketing your efficiency with the help of smart cleaning systems is a winning strategy in any market. 

More Eco-friendly. One of the big ideas behind smart tech is to increase energy efficiency and, in the case of cleaning systems, product and water usage. It just so happens that more and more customers are looking for eco-friendly options. This could be a huge selling point for your commercial cleaning company, giving you the attention of more businesses.

More beneficial team deployment. Along with making your work more efficient, smart cleaning systems can also help you deploy your team to reach more customers. You won’t need as many people to work big jobs like office buildings or schools. Therefore, you can send part of your team out to service smaller jobs like retail or restaurant clients. 

In the right circumstances, smart cleaning systems can be a boon for any commercial cleaning business.

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